HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch
HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch

HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw™ Wheat Straw Mulch


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GardenStraw provides a natural, sustainable and convenient solution to growing a healthier, more vibrant garden. We know how important it is to be confident in what you’re putting into your soil. Through our unique and innovative cleaning process, we create a bright, fresh, pure and natural garden mulch that is perfect in length and form to encourage healthy plant life and soil conditions.

Extremely versatile, GardenStraw can be used in gardens, raised beds, containers and pots planted with vegetables, herbs, fruit trees/shrubs and flowers. It’s also great for lawn seeding applications.


  • Provides an excellent carbon material for your compost bin
  • Makes great compost to add into garden
  • Reduces odors by adding to indoor compost pails
  • Enhances natural gardening practices

Lawn Seeding

New Lawns & Patch Repair

  • Reduces seed loss and keeps seeds in place
  • Minimizes weed seed germination
  • Keeps soil cool and moist
  • No removal necessary


Raised Beds, Containers & In-Ground

  • Conserves water by lowering water needs by up to 50%
  • Prevents weeds, reducing competition for nutrients and water
  • Maintains stable soil moisture and temperature
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Improves soil fertility and reduces compaction
  • Protects plants from soil-borne diseases by shielding them from mud splatter during rain
  • Reduces risk of tomato blight and reduces the number of potato beetles
  • Keeps your shoes clean
  • Acts as natural cushion for knees and joints and is soft to walk on in bare feet

Beginning of the gardening season: 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Weed your garden prior to application
Step 2: Place a 2-3 inch layer of straw while remaining 1 inch away from crowns and stems
Step 3: Water thoroughly - this ensures the straw stays in place naturally!

During the gardening season:

  • Water as needed - Simply push back a little of the straw mulch so you can test the soils’ moisture
  • Re-apply mulch when the previous layer of straw is breaking down and getting thin (1-3 times, depending on length of growing season).

At the end of the gardening season:

Simply mix it back into the soil or leave it as protection for your soil! GardenStraw decomposes quickly and improves your soils’ health and fertility.

Is GardenStraw 100% wheat seed free?

Due to the nature of the sustainably sourced wheat plant, not all wheat seeds are removed from the straw during harvest. Through our unique and all-natural process, we filter out most wheat seeds. While we strive to remove every wheat seed, it’s not a perfect process; therefore, occasional wheat seeds will sneak through and may sprout in your garden.

That said, unlike grass and weeds, once the wheat seedling is removed (easy to pluck), it won’t regrow and you will continue to experience the many benefits of the GardenStraw mulch - water conservation, weed growth prevention, protecting soils’ microbiome and plants from soil borne diseases, and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
C. (Denver, US)
Good amount, decent product

This straw is a decent bang for your buck. I wish it were cut finer though. It's pretty chunky compared to the last brand that I used.

Pokey (Medford, US)
Looks good and holds moisture

Nice clean straw for mulch, complete well. Holds moisture from evaporating. Especially hot days.

Sheila Gale (Carrollton, US)
Good product

This is my second purchase of this to use as mulch around certain vegetable and fruits in my garden. I am really happy with how clean it is. I purchased some from a box store and it had all manner of seed in it. Good product.

Liz Myers-Chamberlin (Pinehurst, US)
Best for Mulch!

This is a great product for adding to the compost pile, and mulching veggies in the garden. I also use it to mulch my houseplants - looks great and keeps them happy!

Lindy (Rio Rancho, US)
Good Product

Great, clean product.

Christy Blackman (Malvern, US)
Still the best

Have been buying this straw for a few years…I like that the straw is cut up more than others so easier to apply in containers or around small spaces. However it now seems to contain more sprouting wheat seeds. The 1st year it was virtually “clean”-very few seeds sprouting…the next year I spent the whole season pulling wheat sprouts…not hard to do just frustrating. Last year there was a straw shortage so didn’t receive any until the winter freeze set in so won’t know until spring how this shipment is. Having said that, I will still continue to buy from this company because even with the sprouting, it is much better and cheaper than competitors straw so I will keep buying it for my raised beds.

Ken (Santa Rosa, US)
Highly Useful

I use this mulch on nearly all my plants and it's very well worth every penny. It's so lightweight and delicate that I can cut it into very small pieces and use it on 4" pots and even seedling trays after they've sprouted. It really helps retain water and keeps soil significantly cooler. Once it gets wet it sticks and won't blow away. It will produce grass weeds fairly regularly, though they are easily dispatched. Highly recommend, I usually buy 3-4 bales per year.

Florence O.
Great product

Straw was as advertised. Tiny amount of wheat seeds (maybe 8 in half a bag). Would recommend to anyone needing a small amount of straw for containers.

Krista P. (Delavan, US)
So many benefits

Love this straw. Thanks to Kevin and Jaques from Epic Gardening for turning me onto it. I've had zero weed seed problems. It looks nice in my raised bed and in ground garden. It helps the plants stay the correct temperature, keeps weeds out, holds in moisture (almost too well, be careful not to over water). Highly recommend! *I just wish it was a little cheaper. But I will say, a little goes a long way.

Dottie P. (Concord, US)
Won't garden without it!

This is my third year purchasing GardenStraw and will not garden without it now. In the dry, hot, inland valleys of California it's critical to mulch for successful results and to conserve/lower water usage - this has been the best mulch we've used to help with that - AND it looks great! Thank you so much for carrying this and for the quick delivery and customer service!