Do-it-Yourself Mist System

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Finally, an Economical Approach to Misting... This Low Pressure system utilizes existing water pressure and simply attaches to any standard hose spigot. It will produce a fine mist that is perfect for most greenhouse applications where a true fog is not necessary. The Orbit Do-it-Yourself Misting
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Finally, an Economical Approach to Misting...This Low Pressure system utilizes existing water pressure and simply attaches to any standard hose spigot. It will produce a fine mist that is perfect for most greenhouse applications where a true fog is not necessary.

The Orbit Do-it-Yourself Misting System comes ready to assemble and can be put together in less than 1 hour. This kit contains 10' of mist cooling coverage and is expandable up to 250'. It attaches to any standard garden hose. Durable 1/2" paintable UV-treated PVC pipe construction.


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Reviews (24)
  • DIY Mist System
    Very easy to design the setup for my cactus garden. Easy to install. Have to unstick a vent or two each time I turn it on, but that is easy.
  • Stops up
    They don’t send the filter screen with it anymore. So they work a few days. Then they stop working. I have used everything to try to get the trash out but they still don’t work. Wasting your money.
  • Missing almost all of the order
    Ordered this item and was surprised with how fast it showed up. When I opened the box there was only the PVC pipe and the glue no connectors no nozzles or anything else. Immediately i called and we were told that we would receive a call the next day with instructions on how to return. No call came the next day so I waited till the next day and called again and was told the same thing. Still no call. I took pictures immediately after opening the box and tried to return. Only got 9 pieces of PVC and the 10 items out of 41.
  • Good Quality
    I'm using this system in my greenhouse to bring the temperatures down during the hottest part of the day & it works beautifully! The quality is A1 & the instructions are perfect, easy to understand & execute. It took me approx. 1 hour once I decided how I wanted it to fit & function. I would recommend any day. In fact I bought more of the slip sections with spray nozzels & am going to do the other side of the greenhouse! Thanks!!
  • Misting System
    For the few times I've used has worked fine.Its used in my greeehouse..i wish i would have put more thought into the placement of the sprayers to get better coverage...other than that the product works well.
  • I highly recommend this mister!
    I ordered the mister after reviewing & comparing with others. My husband easily put it all together and installed it for our 4th of July barbeque. Everyone loved it & asked where to get it. I would recommend the mister to anyone for ease of installation & performance.
  • Mediocre
    The product (Do-It Yourself- Misting-System) was easy to install. However,for the short time is lasted (two months) it decreased the temperature by 2 degrees. The valves, all have failed.
  • mist system
    I installed this mister system in my greenhouse and it is working really well. I added on to make it longer. It adds a lot of humidity quick and the frogs really like it.
  • Mr. Holcomb
    Great product,will probably order additional units. Great Service.
  • Love the system
    We are using this system in our barns to keep our 4h livestock cool! Love it! Will be ordering more soon! It's great how you can add on and very simple to install. :)
  • Misting system
    This is a great system and very easy to assemble.
  • Do-It-Yourself Mist System
    The system was fairly easy to install. I wanted it for misting my orchids, so the mist was a little finer than I had wished, but it still works.
  • Arizona Misting System
    This didn't do what I needed. I wanted to use it to mist my greenhouse plants and for cooling, but it was not possible to suspend it above the plants. It is designed to be nailed to a wooden wall. The timing device was also really inadequate.Again, disappointing.
  • pretty good
    Does a good job.It's easy enough to set up. It's not as great as the picture on the side of the box or anything, but it does produce super fine mist which inherently reduces temperature. I don't know about up to 20 degrees or anything and I'm in the deep South. I gave it 4 stars because out after about a day, half of the misters clogged up. ### Effectiveness of a cooling system is always dependent on local humidity. Effectiveness of these systems will be reduced at high humidities. As to the clogging, we always recommend a filtration system for misting heads of all sorts, especially those producing a fine mist.
  • Mist System
    The Mist system is simple and inexpensive. I have an approx 100 sqft greenhouse. Even in Feb the inside temp goes to over 100 degrees. I have the system on a timer and set it to approx 20 mins. After which the temp goes down to approx 80 degrees. I recommend without reservation to any who has such a need.Terry Westchester, Ca
  • Greenhouse Mist System
    I ordered one of these and after receiving it, I ordered another. Of course, right now it is about 6 degrees below zero with 2 feet of snow; so will wait till spring to say more.
  • markag
    Assembly was a snap! Although i haven't had the chance to use the system yet, I believe it will be exactly what I had hoped for! Looking into purchasing another to expand the system in my greenhouse!
  • MI-10056
    Almost perfect application for 6x10 greenhouse. I anticipate modifying slightly to add a second line running both on a diagonal from the rear to the front corners for full coverage. Great price and very simple assembly.
  • Super misting system
    So easy to install. Works exactly as I had hoped. Very economical and works great in my greenhouse.
  • Great Quality
    Just bought the do it yourself mist system, didn't think it would get to me before 4th July party. It arrived 1 day before party, i put the simple item together with no problem. After the party my sister went home and purchased four sets for her pool patio...Great idea, i was going to make it myself but by the time i purchase all the necessary parts your price i couldn't come close too PS: put a fan behind the mist you got instant air conditioning Thanks so much Greenhouse Megastore great service I love it!! AA Mississippi temperature 99 plus
  • love it
    very easy to put together and has done very well in my green house i love it
  • MI-10056
    Little awkward to mount but once that is complete it works very nice, its a good way to cool off on a hot day.
  • Great value
    Purchased about 6 weeks ago. It arrived within a week. Installed and is working perfectly. Does exactly what it is described to do and is expandable as well. I purchased it to keep my small greenhouse plants watered while I'm away and it also works as a daily watering device during the initial growing season to keep the seedlings moist.
  • MI-10056