7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays - T.O. Plastics

7" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays - T.O. Plastics


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T.O. Plastics 7-inch humidity dome features 1,148 cubic inches of growing space. The dome vents have four adjustable humidity control settings, and two branding locations. Features an inset handle for easy tray access, and a wide perimeter lip for greater tray compatibility.

  • 21.52 in. L x 11.02 in. W x 7.04 in. D
  • Clear
  • Adjustable Vents

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
C.N. (Revere, US)
Would not purchase again

I ordered the 5-pack of these PR-TO-DOME7 domes. I chose these over the PR-DOME7 7" domes as I wanted something stronger for use in longer-term propagation. I also purchased the 2" Vented Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays (PR-DOME2) for regular seed starting. As advertised, the PR-TO-DOME7 seems a little thicker than the non-“TO” domes - although the difference was less than I had hoped. That said, the PR-TO-DOME7 domes should do the job as long as I keep them protected.

So why only 2 stars? Each dome has two vents, and all ten venting doors were found loose inside the top dome - to be installed by the purchaser. It quickly became apparent why that might be the case. The fit is so tight that it is next to impossible to get the knob on the door to snap into the hole on the dome. I have tried all kinds of different approaches to try to snap the pieces together, while still trying to not break either piece. After more than 30 minutes (and much cursing!), I have only managed to install two of the doors. One dome down, four more still to go! Out of complete frustration while working on my third door, I stopped and logged on to write this review.

The time and frustration that has already gone into these domes will prevent me from purchasing humidity domes again without assurance that the doors will come pre-installed. Also, I will be shocked if I manage to get the remaining 8 doors installed without something breaking. I can see where the dome plastic around the hole for my third door is already turning cloudy and, thus, weakening. If I do, in fact, end up with broken pieces on any of the remaining 4 domes, I will be seeking a refund. Wish me luck...

Colleen Maslik (Highland, US)

excellent condition

Katherine Cooley (Chicago, US)
Fit well

These domes were exactly what I wanted and they fit the heavy duty trays great!