Kwazar Mercury Trigger Sprayer
Kwazar Mercury Trigger Sprayer

Kwazar Mercury Trigger Sprayer


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While small in size, the Kwazar Mercury Trigger Sprayers are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They have a simple design and are easy to use.

Mercury sprayers include a unique double action spray head for a constant, fine spray with minimal effort! In addition, the 360° feature means that you can spray at any angle… even upside down! The sprayers are ideal for tending indoor plants, spraying, foliar fertilizing, applying leaf shine, etc.

Kwazar Mercury Sprayer Features:
  • 360° Spraying
  • Double Action Trigger is easy on the hands
  • Heavy Duty Base Ring for stabilization and protection
  • Visible Fluid Strip to monitor fluid level

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Mr.SniT (Aptos, US)
New Kwazar sprayer is too cool for words

I had high hopes for this sprayer and it totally shattered my expectations in a most wonderful way.

I've been searching for a hand tool that can replicate the dry, smoky mist of an old-fashioned pump sprayer. It always feels a little silly to spend time and energy formulating a perfect potency only to have it derailed by wet, slobbery spray dripping all over the place.

What good is a mist setting on a sprayer if the end result is a drenched plant? This is a major issue when using solutions containing oils such as neem tree oil. I was beginning to believe that the product I was seeking just didn't exist, and it was adversely impacting my garden joy.

Well, the new Kwazar Mercury sprayer changed all that. I heard my first clue rattling around in the cardboard box before I even opened it, and my initial grumpy gardener response was, "Carrier destroyed another package."

Except that marble seemingly rolling around in the box was the very thing that makes this sprayer so special: a revolutionary filter-ball that serves as both a filter and a stirrer. It's like a marble with little holes in it attached to a filter attached to a reservoir of your liquid of choice.

The "filter" is not the only amazing thing about this tool. While it is artfully producing a super-fine, well-blended spray, the Mercury works sterling double-duty, emitting spray from the trigger pull AND from the trigger release.

I heard trumpets play when I saw this double-function trigger in action. This feature alone is worth the cost of admission for me. If you like to use a spray bottle to gently water seedlings for their first week or two, this is a huge time saver. Same goes for any spray that you want to be there, but as lightly as possible. There's a long list of organic sprays that fit that description, as well.

Many thanks to Greenhouse Megastore for stocking this epic, groundbreaking tool. This is precisely the type of innovative garden product that keeps me coming back to the megastore for mega more.