MegaBreeze HAF Fan

MegaBreeze HAF Fan


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Our MegaBreeze 12" HAF Fan gives you great performance, energy efficiency, and maximum air velocity. The OSHA approved guard means the fan can be mounted at any height. Our totally enclosed air over motor can be used in the harshest greenhouse environments. The MegaBreeze 12" HAF fan is easy to install and will give years of trouble free service.

MegaBreeze HAF Fan Ideal Applications:

  • Exceptional air velocity and throw is ideal for cooling and heat de-stratification
  • Works great for cooling in greenhouses, factories, warehouses, sporting events, and more
  • Air de-stratification can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 35%
  • Create a consistent air temperature in greenhouses
  • Insect control when creating a velocity of 300 feet per minute
  • Create an air exchange when placed in a wall
  • Used to change the air in shipping trucks and containers when loading and unloading
  • High velocity air pattern can develop an air curtain
  • Machine and compressor cooling
  • Surface drying for wet floors


  • Comes with a 9' cord and plug wired for 115 volt
  • Standard OSHA safety guards on intake and exhaust
  • Ideal greenhouse spacing is 50'
  • Polyester powder coated guards for corrosion resistance
  • Versatile wall and ceiling mount pivots 180 degrees and fan can turn 360 degrees
  • Motors are totally enclosed, maintenance free, high efficiency with sealed ball bearing and UL/ULC certified
  • Well balanced and strong blade design for years of trouble free service
  • Designed for optimum air throw and coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • All motors come with a 3 year warranty


Size HP Volts Amps HZ Phase Spd FPM Thrust (lbf.) Thrust (Eff. ratio) Kw RPM Thrust CFM Thrust CFM/Watt Blade
12" 1/10 115 1.0 60 1 1/Var 525 0.76 7.0 .109 1,705 970 8.9 3-Alum
20" 1/3 115 3.8 60 1 1/Var 1,090 3.75 12.2 .308 1,691 3,650 11.8 3-Alum

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