Gabriel Ash Rosemoor Combi Greenhouse/Shed
Gabriel Ash Rosemoor Combi Greenhouse/Shed
Gabriel Ash Rosemoor Combi Greenhouse/Shed

Gabriel Ash Rosemoor Combi Greenhouse/Shed


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If you need a greenhouse and a storage shed but don't have the space and budget for two structures, the Gabriel Ash Rosemoor Combi will come to the rescue. Is it a shed with a greenhouse attached, or a greenhouse with an added shed? Either way, greenhouse sheds made of natural red cedar wood are convenient and look great.

The Rosemoor Greenhouse Shed Combo uses tempered glass side panels and a mix of glass and corrugated aluminum roofing for an optically clear, well-protected structure. It has an automatic ventilation ridge that opens when the interior reaches a certain temperature. Other useful features include downspouts, drainage gutters, a glazed swinging door and neoprene weatherproofing gaskets.

Installing a garden shed greenhouse is simple and offers plenty of possibilities for hobby growers. When you order the Gabriel Ash Rosemoor, you're getting the only DIY wood greenhouse that is officially recommended by the UK Royal Horticultural Society - so enjoy a truly noble backyard structure.

Rossmoor Greenhouse Combined with Shed Features:

  • The greenhouse section is eight feet long by six feet wide.
  • The shed section is 4.5 feet long by seven feet wide.
  • Made of Western Red Cedar wood with tempered glass coverings.
  • The greenhouse roof is made of tempered glass.
  • The shed roof is made of corrugated powder-coated aluminum.
  • The only wooden greenhouse kit endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

A Note on Cedar

While there is generally color variation in the cedar, it will begin to mellow into a silver gray color as it is exposed to the weather and begins releasing absorbed moisture. This is natural and not an indication of faulty or bad material.


Dimensions Greenhouse: 6' W x 8' L, Shed: 7' W x 4 1/2' L
Frame Red Cedar
Color Wood
Covering Tempered Glass
Door(s) Hinged
Base Aluminum Plinth
Foundation Options - Stakes; Treated 4x4's; Concrete Piers or Slab
More foundation information

Additional Information

Rosemoore Combi Specifications Sheet (PDF)

Assembly Information

The Rosemoor Combi greenhouse should be professionally assembled by a contractor. Greenhouse Megastore can also provide an erected price.

Shipping Information

These hobby greenhouse kits are special ordered from the Gabriel Ash factory in the UK. They have a 90-day lead time and require full pre-payment prior to shipping. Shipping will be quoted per order.

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We understand that you may want to talk to an actual person instead of ordering online. Call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 to speak to a sales representative.

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Customer Reviews

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Legacy Review
Poor quality , leaks to all sections

We paid a lot of money for this Ceder greenhouse, but it was so disappointing when it finally arrived.
The walls, roof , joints and door leak a lot during heavy rain. We have contacted Gabriel ash and they just ignore us. Poor quality product and appalling customer services

Legacy Review
Long term pleasure

We've built several of these and similar models. Really great product. Made to last.