Round Coir Pots

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Made from Coconut husks, these sturdy PlantBest Round Coir Pots are an environmentally friendly alternative to peat based containers. Renewable alternative to plastic and peat pots with visibly better, faster plant growth Moisture is maintained in the soil Easy to be transplanted into ground after
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Made from Coconut husks, these sturdy PlantBest Round Coir Pots are an environmentally friendly alternative to peat based containers.

  • Renewable alternative to plastic and peat pots with visibly better, faster plant growth
  • Moisture is maintained in the soil
  • Easy to be transplanted into ground after 2 months
  • Higher resistance to mold
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • 100% biodegradable


Outside DiameterHeightMax Liquid Volume
3 5/16"3 1/8"8.79 fl. oz.
3 7/8"3 1/2"13.7 fl. oz.
4 3/8"3 7/8"1.26 pt.
4 3/4"4 5/8"1 qt.
5 1/4"4 1/2"1.25 qt.
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Reviews (44)
  • coir pots
    i have used these some time ago. They work well.
    Already overwinter Arisaema sp. (Jack-in-the-Pulpit; Green Dragon) in 4" coir pots; purchased case to restock supply and test on plugs of additional woodland species. Woodland wildflowers & ferns LOVE coir - already offer Uvularia clumps and ferns overwintered in 6" coir containers - no transplant shock; 'Plant-the-Pot' well received by customers. 4" proved too small for larger Trillium grandiflorum corms; ordered 5 1/4 x 4 1/2 as test; hopeful this size will prove to be both a labor and space saver for this species. LynnB Owner, BetterFinds Native Plants
  • Excellent pots
    Love the coir pots! Easy to use and sooooo much better than plastic. Excellent quality and quick to ship.
  • round coir pots
    these products are excellent! I have used peat pots for years and they either break down or don't dissolve once planted. the coir material allows the plant roots to breathe. Simply plant them in the garden with the pots and they take off with strong growth immediately!
  • Pots make bluebird nesting cups
    Immediate delivery. Pots are perfect size to use as bluebird nesting cups. Priced well. Recommended for NC bluebird society as a source for cups. Easy and fast as Amazon.
  • Great Product
    Product is perfect for small plants
  • Great for our home Project
    These containers were perfect for our small succulent propagation project to make our daughter's wedding center pieces to give to her guests. The fact that these can be planted directly in the ground/other planters met her theme of 'reduce,reuse,recycle', and now replant. We will buy more for future propagation jobs.
  • Love These Pots
    I start my tomatoes in large peat pellets. When the roots start to show on the outside of the netting, I put them in one of the 4 1/2 pots and fill around the pellet with potting soil. When the tomatoes grow enough to add more soil, I add slow release fertilizer then add the soil. I can keep adding soil as the plants grow. When the weather warms enough to put them out, they go into the ground without ever having their roots disturbed. Works great! These pots hold up well for the month or more that the plants are in the greenhouse.
  • Coir Pots
    Love these coir pots, BUT you do not keep enough in stock. Availability is not reliable (lately).
  • Luv the coir
    I try to use only the coir pots for my sets... a bit more expensive but well worth the cost. My customers love them.
  • Coir Pots are Stunning!
    These are classy pots. I can't speak to their long-term use, but in the past 3 weeks they've held well. It doesn't seem they will break down as quickly or change shape when saturated like the peat pots can. This is my new standard retail pot.
  • The BEST by a LONG shot!
    I am very satisfied with my Coir Pots. They do not get soggy with daily watering and I am satisfied and happy that this is a great way to give a rest to the Canadian peat bogs. Coir SHOULD be the order of the day...
  • Wonderful Quality Super-Fast Shipping
    We were so happy to receive these amazing goodies so fast!
  • great product !!
    Coconut coir pots are great! I would recommend these to anyone. Start your plants in these and plant them directly in the soil, pot and all.
  • Coir Pots
    These are just PERFECT for what I needed to transplant my new starter hibiscus plants.
  • Excellent coir pots
    This is my fifth or sixth year buying these pots for my vegetable. I move my little plants from the starter kits to these plants when they have more than two pairs of leaves--and the plants flourish in these for another 4-6 weeks before heading into the garden. These biodegradable pots are excellent which is why I keep coming back to them. My local garden stores do not carry them and the Greenhouse Magastore's service is unbeatable. Of course, I will get them again next year. One minor observation--few of the pots do not completely decompose by the end of the growing season. But I leave them in place when I am clearing the garden in late fall. Excellent product overall.
  • Quick & Easy!
    Love the pots I ordered, they will work great for plant starts - durable and easy to use. Thanks!
  • Mr
    seem to be OK....I would have bought larger size if it was offered....1 gallon is very small for tree cuttings
  • Happy with product
    The pots came very quickly and were perfect for the herb plant wedding favors at my wedding.
  • Round Cour Pots
    This is the third time I ordered unique products from Greenhouse Megastore. They always inventory what I am looking for, ship on a timely basis and at a fair price. Truly a first class operation!
  • Coir pots
    Love these pots! My plants grown frm seed have thrived and are now in the ground without having to transplant and disturb the roots.
  • These are awesome
    Very cool product and million times better than peat pots. Easy to use and hold up great. Very pleased. Thanks
  • 3
    Great product and at a great price.
  • Perfect pary favors!
    We planted hastas from seed in these pots to use as party favors for our May wedding. They worked perfectly, and didnt warp at all from moisture. They were easy to work with and looked very elegant as centerpieces on tables. Our guests were able to bring them home and plant directly in their gardens, hassle-free!
  • Excellent Product
    My daughter was having a backyard wedding and wanted it to be very casual - no formalities. I am an avid gardener and wanted to decorate the tables with a variety of wild flowers. We would give these flowers away to our guests in lieu of candy, matches, candles, etc. I found your pots online (we ordered every size)and the product was exactly what I was looking for! We had a blast planting our flowers weeks in advance (in order to give the flowers time to bloom). We decorated the outside of the pots with various ribbons and they turned out gorgeous. Our guests thought the tables were beautiful and were excited to know they were expected to take home the flowers we had planted. This was such a unique idea in addition to being cost effective. Most importantly, it gave my daughter and I valuable time together picking out plants, potting, fertilizing and watering daily. I have recommended these pots to numerous fellow gardeners and will definitely purchase again! Thanks for creating such a unique, inexpensive, natural product!
  • These things work great
    The coir pots were reccomended to us by a professional for our backyard garden, and they work great! Greenhouse megastore is the only place we could find them, and in various sizes to boot. Order was promptly filled, and we had them in plenty of start to start our seedlings.
  • coco coir pots
    I'm very pleased with these pots. They are heavy enough to hold up for a few months, but light enough that I'm not worried about them breaking down when I plant them. They demonstrate effective capillary action when bottom watering. They are also sustainable, so I don't feel guilty about harvesting peat. Also, they are much more cost effective than the cow pots.
  • Coir Pots
    These little gems are just perfect for our Thank You gifts for our upcoming baby shower.They are dressy and yet so practical.
  • Coir pots
    These coir pots are great for planting seeds in a greenhouse. Tray the coir pots 25 a tray, last longer than the peat and will hold your seedling for over half a year if you let it
  • Good Product
    Shipped in good shape. Best source for these pots that I've found. Perfect for transplanting seedlings.
  • Better than peat pots
    Best pots for transplanting seedlings - especially tomatoes in this large size. Have better drainage and hold up longer than peat pots. Great price and quality pots.
  • Good Pots
    Love these pots for transplanting seedlings. Best source I've found for these pots. A few pots were a little misshapen, but still functional.
  • Tom
    First time user. I've just repotted geranium cuttings - haven't had a chance to observe the coir pots breakdown rate - I hope they can last until spring.
  • CN-CRS
  • CN-CRS
  • great so far...
    I have purchased these pots to put herbs in for my wedding favors and as table decor for the reception...I made one up w/some rosemary and tied a bow around it. My florist put Spanish moss around to cover the dirt. It looked so beautiful (brown is my color) So for our wedding July 10th we will have used 60 pots. Very excited. Thank you!
  • Excellent discovery
    I didn't know that these existed until I found them on this site. I've never seen them in local stores. I really like them and don't plan to use peat pots again. The sizes of these are more usable to me and I like the porosity of the sides. I just pulled them apart a little (might not have been needed) and planted them. The plants are thriving.
  • Coir, great drainage
    I have been having drainage problems, too wet soils, when transplanting or growing in peat pots. These coir pots are working great. This is second time I have ordered them. Bottom watering of transplants is working great with these coir pots.
  • very impressed!
    It is never easy to rely on a picture for ordering an unfamiliar product. I am thrilled with the coir pots. SO impressed with the speed of delivery - the whole experience has been A+ !!!
  • Excellent eco-pots
    Last spring, I bought 100 of these biodegradable pots for my vegetables. They performed extremely well. They are sturdy, well aerated, and degrades well. I am buying more this year!!
  • Must Have
    We don't use anything but biodegradable pots to transplant our tomatoes and peppers in. It helps give the plants ample room to grow before placing in ground. And when placed in ground the roots don't get a shock like they would if planted bare root. Excellent product!
  • wedding pots
    My daughter and her fiance wanted their wedding to be as earth friendly as possible. They wanted to use herb plants as centerpieces and then, at the end of the evening, give them to their guests to take home. They both loved the idea of biodegradable pots. Even the color fit in with their scheme.
  • What I Wanted
    These little pots are just the thing for my hydroponic starter system. They will hold up long enough to start my herbs,etc, and then be plantable to my garden. Can't wait to see the end results!
  • good stuff
    Bought a case of these for a class plant project. My students picked these because they were environmentally friendly. These are sturdy and the plants are doing great!