Square Black Form Pots

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Used in conjunction with Carrying trays , these economical vacuum-molded pots are designed with performance in mind. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and bench space requirements. An effective method of bringing potted plants to market. Carrying trays
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  • Used in conjunction with Carrying trays, these economical vacuum-molded pots are designed with performance in mind.
  • Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and bench space requirements.
  • An effective method of bringing potted plants to market.

Carrying trays must be ordered separately.

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NameProduct CodeDescriptionDimensions (in.)Capacity (cu. in.)
2.5" Square Form Pot700003CSVD-2502 1/2 L x 2 1/2 W x 3 1/2 H15
3.25" Square Form Pot700014CSVD-3253 1/4 L x 3 1/4 W x 3 1/2 H29
3.5" Square Form Pot700026CSVD-3503 1/2 L x 3 1/2 W x 3 1/2 H32
3.5" Deep Square Form Pot700035CSVD-355-NP3 1/2 L x 3 1/2 W x 5 H42.25
4" Square Form Pot700070CSVT-4003 3/4 L x 3 3/4 W x 3 1/4 H35
4.5" Square Form Pot700087CSVT-4504 1/4 L x 4 1/4 W x 3 3/4 H50
4.5" Deep Square Form Pot700051CSVD-4504 1/4 L x 4 1/4 W x 4 7/8 H65
5.5" Square Form Pot700099CSVD-5505 1/4 L x 5 1/4 W x 6 H116
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Reviews (90)
  • Great pots for a good price
    I definitely like these pots for their durability. Unfortunately I left them in open sun and now like 30 of them are deformed. Don't do that and you'll be fine.
  • Melted in the sun
    The stack of empty pots melted in the sun! Only in direct sun about 3 hours (Nevada City). Otherwise a great pot, great price. Other thinner plastic 6-packs, different manufacturer, didn't melt. Tell the manufacturer!
  • Great DEEP pots
    These are great deep pots. They are thin and warp when left in the sun without any soil in them (lesson learned!). Appreciate the great customer support and fast/FREE shipping!
  • The 3 in. wide by 5 in. tall pots are ideal for deep root seedlings
    Propagating native plants can be a challenge with their deep roots. The 3" tall x 5" deep pots are sturdy enough and allow seedling roots to grow before transplant. These pots also fit nicely in the standard tray size.
  • Timely delivery and sturdy product
    No supply chain delays. Easy shopping on your website, availability and free shipping! This pot size is not wimpy at all. These will work for several seasons.
  • Great pots
    These 5 1/2" pots are great for potting up seedlings to grow to larger sizes before transplanting. Slow growing peppers, especially, do extremely well in these pots. I would have give 5 stars if these pots were a bit thicker & stronger, but i believe they will last at least two seasons. The price is fantasic!
  • Great pots
    These 5 1/2" pots are great for potting up seedlings to grow to larger sizes before transplanting. Slow growing peppers, especially, do extremely well in these pots. I would have give 5 stars if these pots were a bit thicker & stronger, but i believe they will last at least two seasons.
  • These are great pots
    These are great pots. Love them. They are somewhat thin, but so far of the 100 or so that I transplanted into and then out into the garden, only one pot has a tear. The rest I will be able to use again. These are perfect for what I need, and I am guessing that most of them I will be able to use many times over.
  • square pots
    love em just the right height
  • Good value
    Nice price but they do deform if empty and left in sunlight. Not the end of the world but can be annoying to worry about.
  • Great
    These posts are awesome! Sturdy enough that they don’t break and are reusable. For the price, you just can’t beat the deal. Must buy for greenhouse operations.
  • Excellent
    Nice pots. The 3.25s fit 18 in a 1020 tray. Strong enough to reuse a few times. Cheap enough to sell plants in.
  • Sturdy deep pots
    Very happy with 2.5 and 4.5 in pots. Sturdy to last for several seasons, but flexible enough to get plants out of them.
  • The pots is Ideal
    These square pots are what I like to start my seedlings in. And get used for a couple of years. Never can have too many :)
  • Good product
    Nice and sturdy. Great for transplanting seedlings into to get them big enough for the garden or market
  • 4.5 inch Tall Square black pots
    Pots are exactly as described and exactly what I was looking for. Shipped immediately and arrived in perfect condition. I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • Good sturdy pots
    I am a hobby gardener. The pots are fairly thick plastic and look like they will last a few seasons. Pleased with my purchase.
  • square pots
    I love the size and quality.
  • Permanent Supplier
    I was very happy with the quality and price of the pots. They were a perfect size and exactly what I have been looking for.
  • Love these
    Transplanted my baby seedlings into these new Containers and every seedlings have grown a lot bigger now. Can't wait to plant them in the garden. Containers are not flimsy. Very sturdy. Great buy.
  • A little thin but ok
    These were/are a little on the thin side but I liked the depth of the one I purchased. If they were thicker like the green seed starting pots, they'd be fabulous!
  • Not thick - somewhat thin flimsy
    I got the 4.5 deep ones. Expected for the price theyd be a bit sturdier. I've gotten ones from the nursery that were thicker than this - With that said I've also gotten ones that are thinner. Hopefully I'll get a few years/reuses out of them.
  • Thin but gets the job done
    These are definitely on the thinner side, but I just needed them to pot some plants up in the greenhouse before heading out to the field, so something cheap that got the job done was good for my needs.
  • growing pots
    very good cheap product to start flowers sometimes even reusing another year when starting seed or transplant
  • Great pots at a great price
    I have purchased these before and am buying them again. They are sturdy and easy to use.
  • Look and feel good
    Technically, it's way too early to be potting anything. Seed starting hasn't even begun. However, the pots are sturdy, well-made, and just waiting for a little potting mix and a plant. Thanks.
  • Okay... but not great
    For the price these are okay, but I would have been willing to pay more for something a little more durable. These are made of a pretty flimsy plastic and will probably only last a couple years. I wish Greenhouse Megastore offered a heavy duty version of these pots.
  • Too flimsy
    Several (a half dozen) arrived broken. I typically reuse these year to year, but these have gotten too thin to do so. The sturdier ones are bigger than I would like to use.
  • fragile
    These are great in shady conditions, but don't put them in the sun. They will actually melt in the heat.
  • Growing great
    The pots were perfect for growing our MicroGreens!
  • Work good
    The pots work well and are affordable. If you leave them out in the blazing sun they will become deformed from the heat - just stick them in the shade after you finish transplanting out your seedlings.
  • excellent pots
    These were the best deal I could find. I'm happy with the quality. I've purchased other, foreign made pots from another seller for a similar price but the quality was inferior.
  • Good product
    It's a great size for potting up from plug trays. These are well made.
  • Form pots
    Love the deep pots Allows for longer time/growth before transplanting.
  • Decent price, but you have to do some work on them.
    The price on these is good, but be aware that you will have to remove the pieces of plastic from the punched holes on the bottom because they hang on there very often instead of being copletely cut off. Sometimes you even have two round pieces hanging on the holes that you have to remove by hand. That can be a pain as it makes the pots more costly to have to clean them at the bottom.
  • Good Stuff
    Will work great.
  • Good pots
    I've ordered a number of pots & all are good quality. I really hope they get more of the 3.5" deep pots in, I really need more!
  • Delighted with these 4 inch starter pots
    Arrived safely, quality excellent. Easy to handle and the perfect size for our needs.
  • Form pots
    I’m never disappointed with these form pots. I’ve ordered several different sizes until I found the one that suits my nursery needs. Great pots.
  • Square Form Black Pots
    Bought three sizes 3.25”, 4.5” deep, and 5.5”. They are good quality and I will be able to reuse them next year. Only a handful had minor defects out of several hundred, but all are still useable. 18 of the 3.25” pots fit perfectly in the 1020 trays. 10 of the 4.5” deep pots fit in the 1020 trays with extra room. 8 of the 5.5” pots fit perfectly in the 1020 trays. Overall great quality and would buy again.
  • Great value,
    All my plants go from 6 pack into these, then on to larger pots. I clean & reuse them several times.
  • Better than the sheet pots
    These seem pretty good quality. No issues, 3 months of use. I expect these to out last the sheet pots by several years.
  • Good and Sturdy
    Preferring the ease of square pots and space savings, these pots are study and well made. I'll be able to reuse them for years.
  • Black Form pots perfect for tomato growers
    Cost effective and perfect size for premium tomato plants...My go to for many years..excellent for the small greenhouse operation by the case
  • Plastic pots
    Planted over 700 plants so far, pots are durable, fits in 10x20, shipping was fast
  • 3.5 in. Deep Pots
    I bought the deeper pots to prevent having to transplant too many times. They fit in a 1020 flat tray nicely, but the tall 7" greenhouse dome will not go over them because the 3 rows of pots are wider than the inside of the dome.
  • Consistent quality
    This is my 4th or 5th time ordering the same 2.5" pots. They are an excellent size for cactus seedlings and are of consistent quality.
  • 450 case of 3.5
    I bought the 450 case of 3.5" square pots. They fit perfect in the 1020 trays and the price was the best I could find on the web.
  • Square pots used to start lily seeds
    8 pots fits into a black tray and a 7 inch plastic dome sets right on top of the edge of 8 pots creating a mini green house for seed starting for my lily hybridizing projects. Please continue to stock this size - perfect for my lily seeds - about 100 pots used every winter.
  • so far so good.
    my 1st time using this size . i will be starting strawberry plants in these before putting in my garden
  • Good size for transplanting.
    These are a good size for transplanting smaller plants from seedlings. I'm using them for bulb seedlings.
  • 2.5 inch work great
    Love these pots
  • Very impressed
    These very lightweight pots are perfect. Great for single use.
  • God quality and reasonable price
    Highly recommended!!! Reasonable price for the good quality pots. Good to start small nursery business in the budget you can afford.
  • So far so good
    As expected. Little thin but reusable. Good price. Can’t argue.
  • perfect square pots
    these deep square pots are perfect i also bought the tray for it fits nicely together,can only fit 18 pots with the tray it's not to flimsy or super sturdy but it's perfect for seedlings to stay in for awhile until transplant to a bigger pot. price is amazing i will order more in the future. thank you!
  • Excellent quality deep pots
    I spent a long time reading your reviews before selecting my first pots order. I just transplanted 50 plants into your two deep versions of these pots and was impressed with the sturdy feel of each. The ranuculus tubers roots grew much faster than I expected so was very pleased I had chosen the deep style. They are going to need to hold over a few months and I think there will be plenty of room with the extra depth for good growth by spring. I plan on ordering more.
  • Great product
    Love this product . Just the right size to start cuttings. Price is great. Service great also.
  • Perfect!
    Exactly what we needed. Pots are great quality for great price.
  • Good Economical Pots
    I rarely give 5 ratings for any product. So my four star rating means it does what it is supposed to do. It has no deficiencies, and it provides good quality for the price.These are good, economical pots. They are not injection molded, which means they are lighter weight, but they are not flimsy. They hold potting mix and soil well and none have cracked during handling. They do have a slight tendency to tip over when not supported, but that should not be a problem if one has the appropriate trays.These pots are probably most suited for home growers or commercial operations that sell plants in the intermediate size range. I have been using them mainly for tomatoes and peppers for home use for tomatoes that are 3-6 weeks of age (between plug tray and planting) and peppers that are 4-10 weeks (again between plug tray and planting) They are working well for that purpose. They have good drainage. If I were growing tomatoes or peppers larger than 10-12 prior to transplanting or sale, I would go to a larger pot.
  • great pots
    I love the 4.5 deep pots. The deeper size alows for better root growth. The pots are also very sturdy.
  • Good product, good price, good value.
    I use these for my transplants; they are strong, lightweight and inexpensive. I buy them by the case and use the heck out of them. Color me happy.
  • Great pots
    These are great quality pots that are a good size for root growth. They are also good enough to sell with the potted plant. They are sturdy and hold up to a lot of handling.
  • 3 1/2
    These pots are perfect for transplanting tomato seedlings to the next size up and for starting melon and squash seeds. Fairly heavy duty and shipped very quickly.
  • Chef/Gardener
    Excellent product and price,couldn't be happier
  • Work well, durable for years.
    I've used these pots in the 4.5 standard and deep, as well as 2.5 sizes for 4-5 years now. They are very durable and able to be reused from year to year. I usually keep about 200 pots of each size and they work well for the seedlings I grow for neightbors, friends, and family.These are made by T.O. Plastics, who in my experience makes a very consistent product. I used to buy from from another vendor which has since closed, but I bought more this year from here and they are the same.
  • Perfect for my needs
    I love these pots. They are perfect for my home greenhouse and I am able to reuse them year after year (as long as everyone I give plants to returns them to me).On another note, the customer service at Greenhouse Megastore is absolutely amazing. They're friendly and will help resolve any issues in a timely manner and with great efficiency. Thank you!
  • Nice pots
    This size pot is very good for trans-planting seedlings. Seedlings develop deep roots without the need for large volume of potting soil. Good quality, good price.
  • Wish I'd have gotten more
    I bought a test pack of the deep pots, and wish I'd have bought more. They seem to be well made, not quite as thick as I'd hoped, but good for the price, and they'll definitely last a few years worth of veggie start repotting.
  • Transplant pots
    Nice products low prices
  • Great product!!!!
    Great product. Exceeded expectation!!!
  • Good Stuff
    These are made to last and are not flimsy or easy to crack. I anticipate using these for years to come.
  • Great Pots
    I have been using these pots for 3 years now and would give them a 4 . I use them to transplant almost all my veggies to take to market . The only minus is that if left in the NC sun for any length of time they buckle.
  • title
    For my use they are outstanding. I prefer to start seeds in this size pot as I do not care to repot. I like to go from pot to garden, not pot, bigger pot then garden.
  • Mark
    Pots are basic quality, but I was told they would fit into standard trays. You can squeeze them in with some difficulty
  • Good Product
    These pots are perfect for transplanting seedlings and give plenty of room for root growth. Packaging was damaged, but all of the pots were fine.
  • Good Value
    I bought these pots to start my seedlings for my garden. They seem to be quite durable, were a good price, and because they were square, they fit in my trays nicely. The only problem? I DIDN'T BUY ENOUGH!!!
  • 2.5 inch square pots
    the bottom of the pot is very small it can't stand alone for some time. It is not stable. I think it will be better if you make it more stable standing alone. also you sell in a case without giving the customer chance to test it.
  • Grade A rating!
    Rapid and polite customer service, rapid shipping, secure packing all went together to create a great shopping experience and great project supplies for my students! Pots- somewhat fragile on their own- were very well packed and padded and all arrived in great condition.
  • good quality
    Really nice little pots for starting plants. A little deeper for those of us who sometimes can't get the plants in the ground on time :) Ridges on the side to discourage rootbound issues. The plastic is nice and sturdy.
  • Strong and durable
    Much heavier than expected. Will last for years. Not flimsy at all. Definetly reusable.
  • Great Product
    These pots are perfect for plants that you want to grow tall with a great root system. They are deep and very sturdy. Will definitely purchase again.
  • 4
    Solid construction. These feel stronger that the ones I usually get from a local nursery. They can definitely be washed and reused for several years, I think. Very pleased with this purchase. Shipping was lightning fast, too. It only took a couple days to get my purchase. This was my first purchase from this company. I will be buying again.
  • Perfect
    These2.5 square pots are perfect for my needs. They seem to be durable and I will be able to reuse them several times.
  • Exactly what I needed
    Product was exactly as expected and arrived promptly.
  • Exactly what I needed...
    I needed these pots and trays to start some Mahonia seedlings. The quality seems excellent, and I expect to be able to reuse these several times for future projects. The size will easily allow for 2 growing seasons before they will need to be transplanted.
  • Excellent Product
    After years of buying expensive plants at nurseries and home stores, I found these pots and am now growing my own.Saving money and having fun.Thanks!
  • Handy for lots of different plants
    Excellent size for rooted cuttings of larger shrubs such as weigela and forsythia. Will accommodate more growth and root development than a 2.5 pot before they're bumped up to a halfG or gallon container.
  • Good VFM
    Sturdy wee pots for the money, I've re-used some of mine multiple times.