What to Consider When Purchasing Your Greenhouse

What to Consider When Purchasing Your Greenhouse

So you’re ready to take your growing to the next level. Whether you’re someone who has been tending their garden for years looking to make the leap to a greenhouse kit, or a person or organization taking your growing operation even bigger and looking to understand what options are out there, Greenhouse Megastore is here to make sure you find the right greenhouse for successful seasons for years to come!

Here are the key considerations as you make your decision on a greenhouse.

  1. Size: Everything starts with the size. What – and how much - do you intend to grow? What kind of space are you working with? How high do you need the ceilings to be to accommodate what you’re growing? And based on all of this, what kind of square footage are you looking at as you consider environmental controls and elements such as humidity, temperature, and ventilation? The larger the space you need for a greenhouse may allow for more growing capacity, but equally may require more accessories (like growing benches), supplementary lighting for better light distribution, increased ventilation, and temperature regulation to ensure plants are getting everything they need to thrive. One other consideration needed when discussing size is…
  1. Materials: Greenhouses come in all sorts of materials when talking about both their frames and their paneling, especially when taking into account weather conditions in the area you live. Larger greenhouses should likely consider sturdier materials like steel or aluminum for the frame, while paneling can be everything from polyethylene film to harder, more durable, materials like glass and polycarbonate.
  1. Weather & Climate: While a greenhouse may be meant to control the climate inside, the reality is that the climate outside matters just as much! Different climates will present different elements to account for, such as the below, and more:
    • The amount of sunlight your plants can expect, and therefore how much (or little) lighting you may need to balance
    • The amount of heating or cooling you should expect to maintain
    • Any level of humidity control needed
    • Energy needs and consumption to maintain all environmental elements of the greenhouse
    • Durability of the structure itself to stand up to harsh environments from wind, rain, snow, or other elements
  1. Location: The climate of your location matters for sure, but so does where you plan to place your greenhouse in its physical location and orientation. These factors, including other structures or trees around the greenhouse itself, are like the climate in that they directly impact both the level of sunlight a structure may receive and how balanced that sunlight is within the structure. One other factor regarding physical location is zoning and ensuring the location specifically allows for a greenhouse.
  1. Accessories: So much depends on the structure of the greenhouse itself that sometimes what’s within it gets lost in the discussion! Does the greenhouse offer shelving or tables as a part of its kit or are those needed in addition? Some, like the Rhino Greenhouse Kit, come with an offer of an accessory package, while other larger greenhouses will require much more consideration in that area.

While we hope this list serves to help you as you identify the right greenhouse for you or your company, the truth is that no list will ever fully offer every consideration, but the good news is we have you covered there as well.

Our sales team is available when you want to discuss details, receive a quote, or review options from our personal greenhouse kits all the way to our custom and engineered commercial and luxury greenhouses.

So if you find yourself unsure where to start, torn between two choices, or needing one final assurance, we’re here to help!

- Greenhouse Megastore Staff