Wall Master Light Dep Exhaust Fan
Wall Master Light Dep Exhaust Fan

Wall Master Light Dep Exhaust Fan


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Using light deprivation to control plant growth and blooming is a trending strategy for short-day plants, such as cannabis and poinsettias. Without proper ventilation during the light deprivation stage, heat, mold, and disease can quickly destroy your crop, setting you back a whole season. J&D's WM Light Dep Exhaust Fan is a crucial piece of your greenhouse light deprivation system for healthy, robust, and profitable blooms.

  • Allows for bigger, higher quality, larger profit flowers
  • Full range of sizes, even ones for small greenhouses
  • Test data is for fan with light trap, enabling dependable and accurate air exchange calculations
  • Fan with light trap mounts flush to the interior of the building, freeing up valuable space and eliminating a protruding ledge


Standard/Belt Drive Motor

Model No. Size Phase Speed CFM @0.10" SP CFM/Watt @0.10" SP Drive Prop
VF24DMLT1 24" 1 1 4,267 10.6 Direct 3-Alm
VF24DMLT3 24" 3 1 4,457 10.7 Direct 3-Alm
VF30DMLT1 30" 1 1 5,216 11.0 Direct 3-Alm
VF30DMLT3 30" 3 1 6,259 12.1 Direct 3-Alm
VF36GGLT1 36" 1 1 10,948 9.4 Belt 4-Glv
VF36GGLT3 36" 3 1 11,044 9.9 Belt 4-Glv
VF42GGLT1 42" 1 1 13,064 10.4 Belt 3-Glv
VF42GGLT3 42" 3 1 13,957 10.4 Belt 3-Glv
VF50GGLT1 50" 1 1 19,717 10.5 Belt 3-Glv
VF50GGLT3 50" 3 1 22,038 10.1 Belt 3-Glv

Gold Star Motor

Model No. Size Phase Speed CFM @0.10" SP CFM/Watt @0.10" SP Drive Prop
VF24DMLT1-GS 24" 1 1 4,854 7.8 Direct 4-Ply
VF24DMLT3-GS 24" 3 1 4,252 9.0 Direct 3-Glv
VF30DMLT1-GS 30" 1 1 6,551 10.4 Direct 3-Alm
VF30DMLT3-GS 30" 3 1 6,645 10.0 Direct 3-Alm

Technical Information

WM Light Dep Exhaust Fan Technical Specifications (PDF)

Additional Information

How do I size my fan and shutters system?

  1. The first thing that you need to determine is the amount of air required. This is stated in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute).
  2. Use the following formula to determine the CFM required for your greenhouse:
    CFM = Length x Width x 12
    Example: Greenhouse 12' wide and 24' long requires 3456 CFM (12 x 24 x 12)
  3. Reference the above table. Select the appropriate combination of fan(s) to achieve the necessary CFM rating. Be sure to match the total CFM output for your exhaust fan(s) to the CFM ratings for your Inlet Shutters.

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