Evaporative Cooling Pads Coated 1 Side
Evaporative Cooling Pads Coated 1 Side
Evaporative Cooling Pads Coated 1 Side

Evaporative Cooling Pads Coated 1 Side


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Greenhouse Megastore Evaporative Cooling Pads are a high-efficiency evaporative cooling media for greenhouses, warehouses, enclosed patios and many other spaces.

Why do you need evaporation cooling pads for your greenhouse? Greenhouses can get very hot due to their design. A cooling pad wets the air that passes through with water, cooling it down for a more stable temperature that makes it easier for plants to grow and for workers to toil away inside enclosed greenhouses.

Our evaporative swamp cooler padding is built for long-lasting and low-maintenance service life. It's constructed with high-absorption cellulose virgin Kraft paper that has a density of 110 grams per square meter. The paper is treated with wetting additives and anti-rot agents for maximum efficiency and longevity.

High-quality adhesives and rigidifying agents have been added to our pads for increased resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, the air inlet side of the cooling pads is dipped in specialized black plastic resin which helps reduce scaling and mineral buildup.

Due to mineral buildup, it's recommended that you replace your greenhouse evaporative cooler pad every three to five years. Maintain or upgrade your greenhouse evaporative cooler with these premium single-side swamp cooler pads.

The 12-inch-wide pads are available in multiple lengths and thicknesses to fit the evaporative systems we sell plus many others from leading manufacturers. Choose from many different sizes for the best fit in 5 or 25-pad package orders. Greenhouse cooling pads are sold with volume discount pricing for commercial and industrial clients.

Coated Evaporative Cooler Pad Features:

  • Top Quality Pads and Media - Proven success since 1990
  • Consistent Performance - High-efficiency and low-pressure drop
  • Durable Construction for Longer Life - Heavier paper and higher resin content
  • Easy to Install and Maintain - Self-cleaning and self-supporting design
  • Customized Cooling - A variety of sizes and flute angles are available
  • 18-Month limited warranty
  • Wide range of applications
    • Agriculture and horticulture
    • Industrial and commercial
    • Comfort cooling

Operation and Maintenance Information

To keep evaporative cooling pads and media lasting the longest and performing at top efficiency, please use the following recommendations:

  • Install the pads according to the system manufacturer's instructions.
  • Maintain the pH of the water between six and eight.
  • Check and clean the distribution headers for obstructions or clogged holes.
  • Dry the pads completely for 24 hours to prevent algae buildup.
  • Maintain a 3-5% water bleed-off rate.
  • Shade the pads and the sump from direct sunlight.
  • Keep a steady, even water flow over the pads to help prevent mineral buildup.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean debris and then flush the system afterward.
  • Drain and disinfect the entire water distribution system quarterly or as needed.
  • Do not cycle the pump with on and off times which will shorten pad life.
  • Regularly inspect the pads for bowing, sagging or dry streaks.
  • Remove any debris from the sump and cooling system.
  • Algae and scale treatments, if needed, must follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Do not allow the bottom of the pads to sit in water.
  • If possible, avoid outside contaminants that provide nutrients for algae growth.

Not sure which pad fits your cooler? Looking for other garden and greenhouse supplies to enhance your garden? Call Greenhouse Megastore Monday to Friday at 1-888-281-9337.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jamie Williams (Phoenix, US)
Replacement Pads

I used these to replace some pads that are no longer manufactured, a little cut and trim and Boom 💥 the cooler is working. These Pads perform great 👍

HS (Belleville, US)
Just what we needed...

These pads were exactly what I was needing to update from our old pads. Customer Service was great, and the free shipping was a fantastic bonus. By using Greenhouse Megastore, our department was able to save money and receive our pads in a very timely manner.

Cole Sindelar (Houston, US)
Very nice

I bought these for my smaller portacool. They fit perfectly and much cheaper than portacool’s inflated prices. I can’t speak for the longevity yet but the coating on the outside portion seems like it will help preserve them over the originals.

Legacy Review
Evaporative Pads well made but a bit less effective

We replaced the evaporative pads on our California Teaching Greenhouse several times, each sourced from Greenhouse Megastore. The pads are always well made, but the most recent replacement is slightly tougher and seems not to be quite as efficient as the prior versions.

julio C oyarzabal
One start to call your attention. They work as intended, but read.

Bought 7 60x12x4 and made the mistake to open the boxes inside my house. Do not. They have an strong chemical smell. I got a strong allergic reaction swollen eyes, itchy hands and breathing problems. Open yours outside and water them as much as you can before handle. Use gloves and a respirator until the smells goes away. I have use them before and they work like a charm, but either I got sensitized, or they add some new chemical to this batch and I got an allergic reaction.
Keep some bendryl on hand just in case.

Legacy Review
Evap cooling pads

My original pads for my greenhouse evaporative cooler were not coated on one side and lasted 7 years. I anticipate these pads to last even longer. Also rapid delivery!

Legacy Review
Cooling pads

Works amazing, I have my greenhouse functioning again in the summer time.

Legacy Review
Excellent pads

Bought a 5 pack of the 48x12x4 pads to use for assembly of a portable outdoor cooler. They are excellent quality and drop the temperature from 86 degrees ambient to 62 degrees using a custom built setup at 22% humidity in Tucson, AZ. I knocked one star off because they were not packaged securely, 2 of the pads had approximately 6 inch by 4 inch chunks taken out due to shipping issues undoubtedly. Thevoutside box was damaged as well. Overall, very happy but shipping needs to be addressed.

Legacy Review
Good product just what I needed

The product came to the house quickly and was in excellent condition. I cut them in half and am using for a swamp cooler in front of the intake louvers.

Don Peveler
Cooling pads

Replacements, work as expected