Phoenix Greenhouse Heater

Phoenix Greenhouse Heater


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The Phoenix Greenhouse Heater is a high-end "2 in 1" heater that's perfect for both the cultivation of young plants, and for protecting them during the winter months. With three output levels (1.0 kW, 1.8 kW or 2.8 kW), the Phoenix provides great output, and delivers easy temperature control between 32 and 79°F courtesy of a precision thermostat.

Flexible, dependable and easy to use, either on the floor, or fixed to the ceiling of the greenhouse, it's a fantastic heater that will provide years of faithful service and plant protection to any keen gardener. Manufactured from high quality rustproof steel, to the absolute highest standards, the Phoenix includes a quiet and powerful built in fan for air and heat circulation that can be operated either on its own, or in conjunction with the heater.

  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Cable length: approx 6.2 ft.
  • 3 heat output options: 1 kW, 1.8 kW, 2.8 kw
  • Frost detection function
  • Comes with hanging chains and floor mounting brackets
  • Heating and cooling (ventilation)
  • Very quiet, smooth-running fan
  • 163 m³/h air circulation
  • 460 m³/h Air circulation
  • 240 V, 60 Hz Power connection
  • 2800 W / 9554 BTUs Maximum heat output
  • 53 W / 180 BTUs Fan power
  • Splash-proof IPX4

Heating A Greenhouse

The challenge to keep a greenhouse frost-free:

The technology that we have developed ensures that the temperature is maintained reliably at a reasonable level with no energy-wasting temperature peaks in the greenhouse. The energy savings that are made are not due to half-hearted heating but to sensible use of the available energy.

The temperature must remain above 32°F even in the corners. If the current of air does not reach there, then the temperature on the heater has to be really high, however, then a large proportion of the warmth goes up into the gable of the greenhouse, where it is not needed, while the corners may still dip down to minus temperatures.

This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs, because heating energy is being wasted. In addition, there may be a significant temperature difference between when the heater switches on and off, especially with cheaper thermostats. This means if the thermostat has a switching differential of, for example, 43°F, then the greenhouse has to be heated up to 47°F if it is not to fall below the frost-free limit of 36°F before the heating switches on again automatically (see diagram).

Bio Green heaters avoid this unnecessary heating up by keeping the switching differential to a minimum, as can be seen in the diagram posted above. This results in significant energy savings. This is why we as greenhouse specialists have developed a range of heaters which offer important advantages: High ventilation rate up to 14832.16 cft (460 m3 /h) The fan setting. By using the fan setting, all the air in the greenhouse can be circulated even in the summer season. With the window open and the fan on, the greenhouse can be cooled down. Air circulation in the summer is also necessary for the pollination of many flowers.


Weight 5.5 lb / 2.5 kg
Heat Source Electricity
Dimensions (HxWxD) 16 x 8.7 x 13" / 41 x 22 x 33 cm
Fan power 53 W / 180 BTUs
Air circulation 460 m³/h
Maximum heat output 2800 W / 9554 BTUs
Maximum power input 13 A
Mechanical rating IPX4
Power connection 240 V, 60 Hz
Temperature scale 32-79 °F / 0-26 °C
Positioning Floor-standing / Hanging
Manufactured In China

Additional Information

Phoenix Greenhouse Heater Installation & Operating Instructions (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Greg Matthews (Gloversville, US)
Works great but was defective.

Would have given it 5 stars if not for defect. Used heater for approximately 4 weeks in a 10 X 20 greenhouse with plug trays in it. Checked on plants one day and found heater had stopped working. After inspection determined that the heating coils had overheated and were burned/scorched. Immediately contacted GH Megastore and they processed a replacement but didn't have any in stock until early February. I contacted the manufacturer and ordered a 2nd heater as I was desperate. The Manufacture told me to cancel the replacement and they would send me the replacement directly. The heaters work great when they are running. Great little heater to get me through cold upstate NY winter until March when I can heat and fill my much bigger greenhouses. No issues working with GH Megastore or the Manufacturer - BioGreen Products.

Michelle Klermund (Littleton, US)
Love my green Phoenix

Works perfectly in my 9x12 hobby greenhouse. Keeps it warm. Keeps the air flowing. I’m in Colorado and even when it gets pretty cold at night, I have no worries for my plants that I over winter in my greenhouse. Love it!

Michael Johnson (Seabeck, US)
Phoenix heater

Works great in our 8x12 attached greenhouse. Winter outside temps down to 18 F. I set the temp to 50 on the heater. Works like a charm for our limes and lemons.

Linda Cromer (Hilliard, US)
Great heater..great value

Just finished buillding greenhouse fabricated in Canada. They recommend this heater and sell it but priced much higher even without the currency exchange difference. Great product and great price and service from Greenhouse Megastore.

william bugg (Fayetteville, US)
32 by 16 greenhouse.

Own three of these heaters.They are fantastic, Will keep temps @ desired levels at all times. So far have tested to 5 degrees outside.Very economical to run. Am located in North Carolina.

Legacy Review
Phoenix greenhouse heater

It's a wonderful thing work just like it should we love it and it came fast after we order it up and working thanks for helping us to understand the difference in heaters