Portable Electric Heater 120V

Portable Electric Heater 120V


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Our portable electric space heaters provide concentrated heat where it is needed most. These small units come with high temperature plug and cord. Audible alarm sounds to indicate an overheating situation. Tip over switch prevents unit from running unless in upright position. Up to 1500 watts heats small spaces.

  • 120v 1300/1500 W
  • 4436/5120 BtuH
  • 12.5 A, Tipover Switch
  • Power Light Indicator
  • Resettable Thermal Switch
  • 3 Prong NEMA 5-15 Plug
  • Thermal Alarm

Performance Specifications

Item HT-2000
Watts 1300/1500
Volts 120
BTUH 4436/5120
Amps 12.25
Height 15"
Width 8-1/2"
Depth 10-1/2"
NEMA Plug 5-15P

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Maria Karas (Boston, US)

Best purchase in a while! Keeps the right temperature, easy to setup and automatic!

Legacy Review
Great Heater for small Greenhouse

My 6X8 greenhouse is being heated with this great heater. I've seen no difference in my electric bill consequently I'm a happy customer. I live in the DFW area of Texas.

Legacy Review
Heats well but thermostatic control is erratic

I bought this for night time winter heating of a small "sun room" facing south. Like some other reviewers, I found the control setting behaves erratically sometimes, so much so that I plugged it into a timer to make sure it does not start heating in daylight hours when the space is already well-heated by the midday sun! It does the job keeping night temperatures where they should be.

Legacy Review
Works great except when it doesnt

When this thing works as intended it's wonderful 5 stars. Keeps my small greenhouse above my set temp (55 degrees, as read by external thermometer probe) when it's freezing outside. However, about once every two weeks or so it will just refuse to turn on when the temps drop, or refuse to turn off when it's hot enough already. When that happens i usually turn it off and on again and it works fine. But I have to check it all the time to make sure it actually turns on at night to keep my tropical plants from dying, or to make sure my greenhouse isn't 120 degrees in the middle of the day (and wasting electricity) because it's blasting heat for no reason. So three stars as a compromise.

Legacy Review
Great heater

This is my second heater and works great for my little greenhouse. I live in Deep South and I already have really nice tomato transplants that will be ready to sell March 1st.

Legacy Review
Great Little Greenhouse Heater

Got this as Christmas present for Moms greenhouse that houses her lemon trees. Quick shipping. Got it just in time for deep freeze after Christmas. Kept it 60 degrees inside while 10 degrees outside. No worries!

Peggy Davis
Great Little Heater

So far, this little heater is a winner. We have a 9x9x10 pop up greenhouse and this little heater on the 1500W setting keeps it 20' above the outdoor temp when outdoor temp is in the high teens to twenties. When the outdoor temp is going to be in the 30's and above I turn it to the 1300W for energy efficiency.

Legacy Review

Works well but has very few features. It was sold as a portable greenhouse heater but the warning says DO NOT use outdoors and DO NOT use with an extension cord which didn't make much sense.

Legacy Review
Surprisingly effective

We have two of these in a greenhouse 20 feet wide by 78 feet long hoop-style with about a 8 1/2 foot peak and 2 x 12 baseboards with solid, insulated end walls. They are protected under another fan box for our geo-air system (2 fans, one at each end). The geo-air pulls about 50 or 55 degree air from four feet down through 1,000 feet (each fan) of that black four-inch non-perforated corrugated drain pipe. The heaters are under the fan boxes (one fan is 1/2 hp and the other is 1/4 hp cfm about 1,000) and pointed up into the fan air flow. I was surprised when I turned them on at half heat that I could see a 2 degree rise in ambient temperature within 15 minutes (43 up to 45 degrees) with an outside air temp of 26 degrees. They keep the inside temp well above freezing when running at full output. Our fish tank temperatures stay warmer too. Between these and our geo-air the temps stay above 50 even in zero-degree weather. Our energy cost is about 10 cents/kwhr so on full heat they cost about 40 cents each for an hour to run. Fortunately we only need to run them in December and January about every other day.

Legacy Review
Nice heater

Bought this heater for 8x12 polycarbonate greenhouse. I like that it has a fan only position for air circulation and mostly have it on anti freeze setting. I had a radiator heater in there before. Awaiting my electric bill, but hoping to use this heater. So far, so good!