Dewitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier
Dewitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier

Dewitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier


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Dewitt PRO-5 Weed Barrier® is the industry's best five-ounce woven needle-punched polypropylene fabric designed for professional and commercial use. This black heavy-duty weed barrier has been approved by leading landscape architects and government agencies. PRO-5 conserves soil moisture, increases plant growth and prevents unwanted weeds from germinating. The 28-mil thick material still lets water, air and fertilizer nutrients get to the plant roots. Gold stripes located 12 inches apart make for easy plant alignment. The felt backing helps prevent weeds from breaking through.

Add PRO-5 commercial landscape fabric to flower beds, shrubs and other plants for increased beauty with less maintenance. The material has excellent grab tensile strength and resists tears, punctures and elongation. It also will not rot or develop mildew. We offer 250-foot rolls of Dewitt landscaping fabric from 3 to 12 feet wide for large-scale weed prevention projects. Buy weed barrier in bulk and save money while reducing landscape maintenance requirements.

Dewitt PRO-5 Landscape Fabric Features:

  • Stops weeds
  • Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through
  • Superior light blocking
  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally safe
  • Great for commercial landscapes
  • Professional quality
  • Striped for easy plant alignment
  • Choice of professionals
  • Great for permanent landscapes
  • Great for xeriscapes
  • Lifetime limited warranty

NOTE: We recommend this product be covered by mulch or another material to extend the product's life. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce the lifespan of the product and void the warranty.


Dewitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier Specifications (PDF)

Product Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Dana Daigle (Iota, US)
Great price!

It's incredible to get quality materials for a great price. Thanks!

Legacy Review
great stuff

I use it a lot to keep weeds from growing. Lasts for

Legacy Review
The best so far

After trying all kind of different products from all kind of places, so far this is the best and I already reorder it once! Highly recommended.

Legacy Review
Dewitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier

Excellent product. Commercial quality. Performing exactly as expected. Going to last multiple years.


We are so happy with the DeWitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier. We started our organic garden almost 10 years ago and have tried many things in efforts to keep the weeds under control and never truly succeeded; until now. Our garden time is so much more enjoyable and our plants look amazing. I wish we would have tried this years ago.

Legacy Review
Dewitt Pro-5 Weed Barrier

Only time will tell how completely satisfied we are with the product. We placed it in an approximately 800 sq. ft. area and covered it with stone/pebbles and cut holes where all the plants go. Within a few days, grass was growing up through the product not near the holes for the plants. We have since killed quite a bit of grass but no weeds. You can actually pull the grass up through the hole that it makes in the product. We are treating the grass hoping that will eventually stop it. It seems to be slowing down.

Legacy Review
Dewitt Pro 5 Weed Barrier

I was surprised at how this product has changed since the first time I bought it, which was in 2007. This new version is much thinner & doesn't cut well - which means that where you cut the fabric, causes it to shred along the edges. Very irritating because the shredding increases as you move cut pieces around in order to place & pin down. Since the current version is much thinner, it doesn't keep some weeds from re-emerging even when fabric is overlapped! I'm just wondering: What happened?! This manufacturing Cost Reduction is very noticeable. My 2007 Dewitt Weed Barrier version is still intact & nothing is emerging from it. 5 oz? Well, it used to be. But, it isn't now. Sorry to say.

Legacy Review
Perfect Pond underlayment

I bought the 5oz (5 layer) and doubled it which gave me 10 layers of cloth under my pond liner which is 2 layers more than the best underlay made specifically for ponds yet much more affordable. This was perfect! Would highly recommend!

Legacy Review
great product

love it. it's nice and heavy and is holding up great.

Legacy Review
Weed preventer

This is the second roll I have bought, works excellently keeping weeeds at bay, used it to make a raised bed garden in a pasture, and for large retaining wall flower area.....cannot recommend enough......