SureRoots Deep Cell Plug Trays
SureRoots Deep Cell Plug Trays
SureRoots Deep Cell Plug Trays
SureRoots Deep Cell Plug Trays

SureRoots Deep Cell Plug Trays


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SureRoots Deep Cell Plug Trays are specifically designed and engineered to drive root growth downward. They promote healthier, hardier roots on nursery seedlings, ornamentals and propagated perennials. The flat is made from 100% reclaimed plastic and it is recyclable after use.

Important Note: These do not fit inside our 1020 trays. However, the 50 Cell trays fit in the Germination Tray.


15 Cell, 4.59 in. 50 Cell, 3 in. 50 Cell, 5 in.
Model # 720715C 720700C 720695C
Perimeter Trim (in.)
12.88 x 21.19 10.94 x 21.44 10.94 x 21.44
Cell Footprint 3 x 5 5 x 10 5 x 10
Drain Hole (in.)
1.25 0.625 0.625
Vent Hole (in.) 0.5 0.25 0.25
Depth (in.) 4.59 3 5
Top (in.) 3.55 2 2
Max. Dry
(cu. in.)
33.07 7.03 11.9
Max. Liquid
(U.S. fl. oz.)
18.33 3.9 6.59

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
C.W. (Bozeman, US)
15-cell plug trays.

I bought these with the idea of setting them in 1020 trays for bottom watering. I SHOULD HAVE READ THE DESCRIPTION MORE CLOSELY!!!. The key is the “perimeter trim dimensions” that exceed both 10” width, and 20” length. They DO straddle the sides of a 1020 tray, so that I can put two rows of cells in one 1020 tray, and one row of cells in an adjacent 1020 tray. Three 1020 trays will accommodate two of the plug cell trays for bottom watering. They are very sturdy, AND they accommodate 16-oz Solo cups perfectly which the 1020 trays do not without tipping and crowding., That is a big advantage since that is my preferred final greenhouse pot before my plants go into the garden. I bought 10 plug trays, so I can finalize 150 plants for my home garden or for sharing with friends.

D. (Chicago, US)
15 cell deep root

Got them for a small cheap 7x15 Greenhouse. Great for starting and growing plants in tell their ready for the garden. Lots of room for roots to develop. Starting some trees in them also. Seem sturdy enough to get years of use out of them. Recommend to anyone that likes to start their own seeds.

Cristie W (Shelbyville, US)
Great idea!

I bought these , I thought, to use as very large, deep trays to start cuttings. Instead, at least this spring, I find they fit a red plastic cup perfectly. I'm growing deep rooted tomatoes for sale. Love them.

Joe Acebo (Lakeville, US)

Great product, excellent service.

Great product

These seem to be well built and look like they will last a long time.

Maribel Alfaro
Just what I was looking for!

Trays are thick and Hardy material and they seemed durable for reuse. Each pod is deep enough for my tomatoes and pepper seedlings before I can move outside. I recommend this product.

Vickie Havens (Hamburg, US)

These are great. the quality is good, and they are strong not flimsy. Exactly what I was looking for.

Legacy Review

The hole is twice the size than the cheap pool creating similar but thinner 50 or 72... This allows for drainage of salts. The flats can be held with one hand full VERY carefully. These things are awesome.

Legacy Review
Great for long roots

I used these for maple seeds to sprout and grow. Perfect. I wish there was a jig to set the tray on to push the plugs out. I may make one! :)

Legacy Review

Well made, thick plastic, deep root trays. Can reuse and are easy to handle. The trays fit into carrying trays for stability.