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When diluted and applied to dry plastic surfaces such as flexible or rigid greenhouse coverings, Sun Clear prevents the formation of water droplets. As a result the plastic remains clear resulting in up to 50% greater light transmission in your greenhouse. Helps to eliminate dripping which can be harmful to plants and annoying to personnel. Improve plant quality and yield with Sun Clear, due to less Botrytis and other plant diseases.

How to apply

Sun Clear can be applied to either dry or damp plastic. If there is a considerable amount of sweating on the plastic, the excess water should be cleared off prior to treatment with Sun Clear. Apply Sun Clear uniformily in horizontal sweeps working upwards from the ground level with spray nozzle no more than 4 inches. (100mm) from surface.

For best results

Sun Clear should be applied with a sprayer producing a forceful spray. Prepare Sun Clear dispersion immediately prior to application. Both new and old plastic materials can be treated. If new plastic is to be treated, Sun Clear is best applied 2 weeks after oily residues on the new plastic, this is to allow oxidation of adhesion on the new plastic and achieve maximum adhesion of Sun Clear. The Sun Clear coating reduces water surface tension, so that condensation occurs rather like a film and stops dripping.

Additional Information

Sun Clear MSDS (PDF)

Sun Clear Specifications (PDF)


Concentration Volume Average Dillution Volume Coverage (Average Sq. Ft.)
4 Ounces n/a n/a
1 Pint 12.5
1 Quart 25.5 10,000
1 Gallon 100 40,000
5 Gallon 500 200,000

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Customer Reviews

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Legacy Review
Works as advertised

I sprayed Sunclear on UV greenhouse PE film that seemed to be totally hydrophobic after being up for a week or so. After application, it was absolutely perfect as far as moisture in the morning... no drips, no droplets forming. Now the greenhouse film which seemed unusable is better than the other film I have supposedly with moisture treatment in the plastic.

Legacy Review
It works.

I had very bad condensation in my new greenhouse. I used this product as directed and it has worked so far exactly as it said it would. I am considering giving it a second coat on the inside and one on the outside. I have given this product only 4 stars for now until I see how long the results of this product last. Overall very pleased!

Legacy Review
Fantastic Product

This product works! Truly a plant saver. Thank you.

Legacy Review

Works as described, VERY helpful!