6mil Thermal AC Greenhouse Film
6mil Thermal AC Greenhouse Film

6mil Thermal AC Greenhouse Film


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Covering overhead starts to rise when extras are added - anti-condensate, thermal capabilities, light diffusion or bee compatibility. Light transmission is 87% per layer. The Thermal AC Film is a new generation of horticultural films - combining all of these extras into one package. Superior drip control, energy savings, light diffusion and bee compatibility are all packaged together to provide growers with one film at one cost. However, please note that product should not come into contact with PVC piping as this will degrade the product and void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our batten tape or white felt in between.

Please note - Many of the Plastic Film sizes offered will be folded for delivery and shipped on rolls of up to 8' in length.

  • 6 Mil
  • UV Stabilized
  • Superior Drip Contol
  • Increased Night Time Temperatures
  • Guaranteed Longer Life -- 4 years
  • Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the film, making it easier for bees to achieve pollination
  • Energy Absorption in the 7,000nm to 14,000nm Range
  • Light transmission is 87%
  • Light diffusion is 55%
  • Excellent Infrared Retention While Maintaining High Light Transmission in the Visible and PAR Energy Ranges
  • Higher Overnight Temperatures Maintained Compared to Non-IR Films

Why Use Anti-Condensate Films?

Formation of condensation inside a greenhouse is a major issue in a polyethylene greenhouses. Condensation droplets have been shown to reduce light transmission by as much as 50%. In addition to a of light quality, crop damage/spots, washout on seed beds and possible pathogen development may also occur. All of the anti-condensate films contain surface tension modifiers to help limit the formation of condensation droplets.


There are many factors that will influence the longevity of the anti-condensate feature of all polyethylene films. Some factors that affect anti-condensate performance are:

  • a very warm season
  • a very humid/rainy season
  • increased plant transpiration caused by high irrigation rates
  • poor airflow
  • ventilation practices
  • insufficient film slopes

Additional Information

Poly Film Installation Tips

Poly Film Specifications


View Warranty (PDF)

Important Note: Depending on the environment, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based materials including any type of PVC pipe, PVC wire or PVC tape, etc. may react with greenhouse polymer films and cause wear. In such cases Chlorine generated from the degradation of PVC and the residual chlorine inside PVC may attack and destroy the Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer in the greenhouse polymer film. This may cause the film to prematurely degrade and will void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our white felt in between.

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Customer Reviews

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Legacy Review
It's not very sturdy.

I put this up double layered so I could blow air between the layers. I also bought the blower with it. I didn't get to try the blower because the plastic was torn to ribbons within 24 hours by what I'd say was strong but not unusual wind. Certainly not especially strong wind which I do also get. I was pretty sad about it. I think this plastic cost $800 plus a few hundred in labor to install. Should last more than a day. Maybe the thermal/condensation coating makes it weak? I'm not sure. I don't recommend it at all.

Ryan Keesey
Horrible shipping

Ordered 50x100 roll, 3 weeks later the first roll showed up damaged, they shipped another immediately, second roll showed up 2 weeks later and is also damaged, they refunded my money but I am still without a undamaged product! Need to figure out a better shipping container for them. Not just strapped to a pallet.

Legacy Review
Thermal AC Greenhouse Film,6 mil

Received when promised. Was a little disappointed to find a fair amount of factory imperfections, such as 6" long creases and a few small what looked like punctures, when it was unrolled. For the amount paid I feel it should have been without blemishes. I am hoping they will not be an issue in the near future.

Legacy Review
10 Stars

I am a repeat customer that loves this product above all other thermal films tried. This one is a winner and so is their Customer Service. We use it over an open domed center house courtyard during the winter months. Plants and fish do extremely well and the film will not let you down in a storm or produce dripping condensation. Great product!

Legacy Review
Great Quality

This has lasted well beyond the 4 years stated. Minus a couple accidental punctures which we repaired it has withstood snow, heavy rain, windstorms, hurricanes, etc. I would highly recommend the 6mil thermal covering as money well spent.

Legacy Review
Didn't quite last 6 months

Torn to shreds by moderate wind.

Legacy Review
Excellent Product

I bought this to replace standard greeenhouse poly that was damaged by a raccoon. Selected this brand for its anti-condensation property. It really works! I still have condensation, but not like i used to. It's a HUGH improvement. No more "rain forest" feel all winter long. I installed a double layer of film with a forced air layer between.

Legacy Review
Great Product

I ordered the greenhouse plastic. So far it is beating my expectations. I give it 4 out of 5 because I simply do not know how long it will last at this point. When I use it for a while I will come back and do another review. I hope it continues to beat my expectations.

Legacy Review

Great product, easy to work with and durable

Legacy Review
Green house tarp

Im pleased with my purchase but I haven't installed it yet. Im sure Ill be please with the outcome of my purchase