Labels & Supports

Whether you're gardening at home or at a local nursery, our garden stakes, plant labels, and all-weather garden markers will help you to make sure your plants and flowers are always clearly labeled.

Help your plants reach their full height and potential with our bamboo stakes, fruit cages, and garden twine.

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PVC Coated Green Garden Wire
Item No. IS-GAR-W0585
From:  $21.95 View details
Square Plant Support
Item No. IS-PS
Natural Raffia
Item No. IS-GAR-W0574
Flower Cane Caps - pack of 8
Item No. CN-GAR-805
Bean & Pea Ring
Item No. CN-GAR-200R
Bio Stretch Plant Ties
Item No. CN-BIO-20
Bamboo Stakes
Item No. CN-BAM
From:  $7.00 View details
All-Weather Pen
Item No. CN-1013
Rite in the Rain
Item No. CN-1012
From:  $4.95 View details
From:  $42.00 View details
Wrap Around Tags
Item No. CN-1009
From:  $25.00 View details
Garden T-Sign
Item No. CN-1006
From:  $4.20 View details
Wood Garden Marker
Item No. CN-1005
From:  $2.50 View details
Soft Twist Tie
Item No. CN-1003
Garden Marker Pen
Item No. CN-1002
From:  $4.00 View details
Metal Garden Stakes
Item No. CN-1001
From:  $4.20 View details
Plastic Plant Labels
Item No. CN-1000
From:  $18.50 View details