SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5
SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5
SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5
SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5
SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5
SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5
SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5

SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Tray - Pack of 5


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These SUNPACK® Color 1020 Mega Trays are food-grade, BPA-free virgin plastic, and available in a variety of different colors!

These trays are perfect for expanding your gardening activities or replacing old trays. Constructed from thick, premium material, these 1020 propagation trays are of proper standard size for the U.S. and Canadian markets. These injection molded trays are extra strong with reinforced sides and lips, making them easy to safely carry around the garden, house, or greenhouse. Their deep-channel bottom ridges provide easy drainage, preventing over-watering and offering better stability for containers.

These durable, vibrant trays are sold in a pack of 5 individual trays.

Product Highlights

  • LARGE SIZE - With an outer dimension of 21.2" x 11" x 2.48", these trays are big enough for not just seed germination, but also seedling/small plant development
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Built from ultra-tough, injection molded top-grade BPA-free plastic
  • HIGH VISIBILITY - Different colored plastic trays are designed for growers who like to separate their plants by type
  • NO DRAIN HOLES - These trays are watertight, which retains runoff and saves you time when caring for plants
  • VERSATILE AND REUSABLE - Trays are multi-purpose and can be used in indoor gardening, greenhouses, for wheatgrass and microgreens cultivation, small hydroponics applications, and more
  • COMPATIBLE - Fits perfectly with most 2", 4", and 7" tall humidity domes and seedling tray/plug inserts, as well as with all 10" x 20" seedling heat mats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Betsy True (Sun Prairie, US)
Best trays

These are the sturdiest trays I’ve found. I prefer these to any others.

Jana Ley (Fort Collins, US)
Sturdy Sturdy Sturdy

I love how hefty and sturdy these trays are! No more weird flexing that dumps your hard work on the floor. No more breaking in the middle as you gently move the flat across the aisle. Just sturdy confidence.

Tx plumie (Georgetown, US)
A great product

I purchased some last year and realized I needed more
It should last for years

William Toby Pritchett Mr (Morton, US)

Highest quality money can buy

Patricia Johnson Carlson (Granite Falls, US)
The best

Excellent trays, very stable when carrying them filled with pots.

b.m. (Skiatook, US)
Thermoformed vs. Injection molded

These are the best money can buy!! They are not like you normal Thermoformed trays that eventually cracked no matter how thick they are. Don’t make the mistake of ordering or thinking that mega heavy duty means the same thing in your selection.

Han K. (Kearney, US)
Great product

The heavy duty trays are sturdy and work well for moving my seedlings as needed. Also the order was shipped and arrived very promptly. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore!

Alice Z (Martins Ferry, US)
heavy duty; perfect

Nice heavy duty trays with no holes. I use them in my greenhouse and home. The plant pots sit in the trays with enough water to allow soil to absorb water and create humidity around the plants. This works well when you live in a state with very dry air.

Phyllis Wolfrey (Ruther Glen, US)
1020 mega heavy duty trays

Love the colors! Love the thicker material! A little pricy but will last much longer.

Rebecca Looser (Auburn, US)
These Are Great!

Very sturdy trays! I recommend these for seed sowing, both with our without pots.