Garland 2 in 1 Sieve

Garland 2 in 1 Sieve


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The Garland 2 in 1 Sieve offers a versatile solution for gardeners by providing two interchangeable screens, facilitating effortless removal of debris and rocks from soil. Crafted from durable galvanized woven wire, this sieve ensures longevity and reliability, making it an essential tool for refining soil for various gardening purposes. The plastic outer is made from recycled polypropylene.

Garland 2 in 1 Sieve Features:

  • Dual Interchangeable Screens - Includes two screens for different materials. Switch between them to sift soil effortlessly and get rid of debris.
  • Built to Last - Made with durable galvanized woven wire, ensuring a long lifespan. It's reliable for breaking up soil lumps consistently.
  • Versatile Use - Perfect for sifting soil or compost, providing fine material for potting mixes or seed sowing. It's a versatile tool for various gardening tasks.
  • Convenient Size - Measures 14 in. L x 14 in. W x 5 in. H, offering a good-sized surface for efficient sieving while remaining easy to handle and store.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Malachy Horan (Orlando, US)

Excellent tool and does the job for filtering out wood pieces from the soil

Dwight Price (Collierville, US)
Works great

Work great but wish it had one size smaller screen

Julie (Helena, US)
Great for Seedlings

When I pot up my seedlings, I use the Garland 2 in 1 sieve to remove large pieces in potting mix. Works great!

Vicki (Chicago, US)
Works great!

Smaller size is easy for arthritic hands to use.

Carol Giordano (Coeur d'Alene, US)
Garland Sieve with 2 grates

Like this a lot. Noted that it is very sturdy also. It was really helpful sifting the Pro-Mix Premium Organic Seed Starter. Needed to sift the mix to use it in tiny cells and in planting very small seeds. Sieve was perfect for that.

Legacy Review
Great sieve

Well made, interchangeable screens. Works well to sort soil

Legacy Review

Works just fine but having a smaller screen available would be helpful.

Legacy Review
Very Handy

I really like this screen, and the extra finer screen is a definite plus. I use it mainly for sifting soil to reuse for planting.

Legacy Review
Great product

Excellent product. Good quality. Hard to get in US. Came quickly.

Legacy Review
Handy Tool

For years I used the Garland Fine Mesh Sieve and loved it. I was quite happy to find the Garland 2 in 1 Sieve and add them to my collection: I needed different opening sizes. The sieves are strong and very durable, the plastic is sturdy and maintains its shape well even when holding up a significant amount of soil.