Garland Handy Tray
Garland Handy Tray
Garland Handy Tray

Garland Handy Tray


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Whether utilized for cultivating wheatgrass, fodder, or seeds in gardening endeavors or employed in the kitchen as a catchment tray or organizer, the Garland Handy Tray is a practical and adaptable accessory to have on hand. The tray is made from recycled polypropylene and has an extra thick outer rim for easy carrying.

Garland Handy Tray Features:

  • Multi-Functional Use: Ideal for diverse gardening applications, serving as a reliable container for cultivating wheatgrass, assorted fodder, and a variety of seeds.
  • Enhanced Portability: Features an extra thick outer rim, ensuring easy handling and carrying, enhancing its usability across different applications.
  • Recycled Construction: Crafted from recycled polypropylene, contributing to sustainability efforts while maintaining durability.
  • Utility Tray: Beyond gardening, it proves beneficial for other tasks, serving as a catchment tray or organizer for smaller items.
  • Dimensions: 16 in. L x 12 in. W x 1.5 in. H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
JazBer (Libby, US)
You can not buy too many!

Too many uses to list just how handy these trays are. I used mine to process castings from my basement worm farm. My wife used them to process seeds.

Colorado (Colorado Springs, US)
Black plastic trays--Love them!

I had to wait a long they were out of stock for quite awhile. But when I finally received!! So happy to have them. Very sturdy, and a perfect size for me. I am using them for herb pots that have no catcher tray beneath.... I have 4 good sized pots in each tray. Very happy with this purchase.

N.H. (Eugene, US)
Wonderful New Tray

I am a big fan of the trays offered by Greenhouse Megastore. Very sturdy and well made. This tray is a new item for me, and is just as sturdy and useful as the others I have purchased over time. Practical sized lip, nice smaller size and fantastic sage color.

Sergio (Staten Island, US)
Sturdy staple

When thinking of trays there's not much to say. Basically only two things matter, the right size/shape and sturdiness. These are sturdy and durable for sure so if the size fits your needs these ones are great

Aimee Williams (Albuquerque, US)
Best Garden Trays

After using other brands for years I found Garland products. They are the very best. Sturdy, well made and made from recycled plastic. I have bought various sizes. The Handy Tray is my favorite. Easy to carry and fit perfectly on shelves for houseplants.

Legacy Review
Quality line of products

I have used a number of planting trays from this manufacturer and love this one for catching water from my trays of microgreens.