Hormodin 1 Rooting Hormone

Hormodin 1 Rooting Hormone


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Hormodin 1 is a general purpose powder designed for the home gardener or commercial grower who propagates plants such as roses, carnations, poinsettias, some shrubs and most home garden and greenhouse plants. Hormodin is a formulation of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA). IBA is a synthetic auxin which acts as a root stimulant.


  • Enhances root growth
  • Reduces bench time
  • Reduces plant loss
  • Easy to use
  • Dependable performance
  • 0 Hour REI
  • No disease migration

Choosing a Formula

Hormodin #1 - is for use on most bedding, greenhouse, and home garden plants.

Hormodin #2 - is for use on woody and semi-woody varieties.

Hormodin #3 - is for use on difficult-to-root plants.

Active Ingredients No. 1 No. 2 No. 3
Indole - 3 butyric Acid 00.1% 00.3% 00.8%
Other 99.9% 99.7% 99.2%


Moisten cuttings. If not already moist, the basal ends of the cuttings should be slightly moistened before treatment (except geraniums). Pour a small amount of Hormodin into a bowl or pan. Stir basal ends in Hormodin. Remove excess powder by tapping on rim of container. Plant treated cuttings in satisfactory rooting medium.

  • Dip it
  • Tap it
  • Stick it

Hormodin works best when used on fresh cuttings.

Additional Information

Label (PDF)

Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Len Lo (Garland, US)
Did not work

Don't waste your money. I tried several times and all died.

We are so sorry this did not work out for you, we are happy to replace the product and help you with proper usage recommendations if you would like to try again, just contact Customer Service for help.

Legacy Review
Shipping My Product

I ordered a 1 lb bottle of hormone powder and it was kind of like that Jimmy Johns commercial. It was here that quick. I ordered standard delivery too. First time I ordered from. This company and I am sure I will order again.

Legacy Review
no title

the foil seal under the lid was not sealed all the way around the rim.. I will be using the product as I am growing my own food now. But I haven't done any cloning or rooting yet. Ask me next year.

Legacy Review