Garland Large High Dome Propagator - Lid Only

Garland Large High Dome Propagator - Lid Only


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The High Dome Propagator Lid is made of injection-molded plastic which creates a clear, shatter-resistant dome. The propagator lid features an adjustable dial on top, which allows you to help control humidity and promote ideal growing conditions.

This lid aids in maintaining moisture and creating a controlled space for successful seed germination and early plant development.

Garland Large High Dome Propagator Features:

  • Fits Various Trays: This clear, lightweight lid fits both the Standard Seed Tray and the Midi Garden Tray.
  • Sturdy Design: Made from durable vacuum-formed material, it protects plants while allowing light in.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for shielding seedlings or delicate plants, creating a favorable environment for their growth.
  • Dimensions: 15 in. L x 9 in. W x 5 in. H

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Legacy Review
Just what I wanted

I am using them to start my begonias inside. They fit the pans and can be used year after year if stored right