PVP Magik-Moss Seed Starter Soil

PVP Magik-Moss Seed Starter Soil


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Magik-Moss Seed Starter is an all purpose, ready-to-use potting soil mix. This Seed Starter Media has been professionally formulated with a combination of peat, vermiculite and perlite potting soil additives to provide excellent seed germination and growth of young seedlings.

A general guideline is to plant the seed at a depth of 3 times its diameter. This will provide adequate contact with the seedling media and the seed to insure excellent germination providing, of course, other environmental conditions such as temperate and moisture are maintained in the media.

A weight and color change in this media from dark brown to light brown assists you in deciding when to water.

This media can also be used for continued growth of plants.

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Hagstrom (Chandler, US)
Love this seed starter

Fine vermiculite comprises much of this starter, making the mix easy to moisten and able to retain moisture. Because the mix is fine, it is ideal for small seeds like lettuce and kale. Besides 95% germination rate, my experience in the first month is 0% of the seedlings died (dampened off).

Stacey Church (Middletown, US)
Seed Starting and Mega Trays

Best seed starting material I ever used. Actually dumped another brand out in the garden. Mega trays are worth the money. You can hold heavier transplant pots with no fear of twist or knocking over plants.

Debi Hambo (Longview, US)
Too Dry

This mix looked perfect until used it. I found it dried out too quickly and I was babysitting my seedlings much more than normal. I added some Pro-Mix to this starter on a 30-70 (30% Pro-Mix and 70% Magik) and the seedlings were much happpier.

Love to grow from seed (Strongsville, US)
Seed starter

This has been my preferred seed starter for about 12 years. My local carrier no longer carries it, and it was not available online until this year with greenhouse megastore.

Tracy (Denison, US)
Love this stuff!

I've had way better success with seedlings this year using this media.

Tonya Dellinger (Natural Bridge, US)
Seed starter

Really like this product for starting delicate seeds - very fine and soft perfect for baby seeds to bust through

R.X. (Schaumburg, US)

Very very fine, and dries out quick. Also quick to go hydrophobic, so hard to rehydrate.