Garland Maxi Garden Tray
Garland Maxi Garden Tray

Garland Maxi Garden Tray


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The Maxi Garden Tray is a strong, injection-molded garden tray that can comfortably hold 3 full-size Standard Seed Trays or serve as a water reservoir for pots and containers. These trays also make excellent containers for growing wheatgrass as well as various other kinds of fodder and seed.

The Maxi Garden Tray is made from recycled polypropylene and has a 12-liter internal capacity.

Garland Maxi Garden Tray Features:

  • Versatile Tray: Strong, injection-molded garden tray designed to hold 3 full-size Standard Seed Trays or function as a water reservoir.
  • Ideal for Various Cultivation: Excellent containers for growing wheatgrass, fodder, or seeds.
  • Recycled Material: Crafted from recycled polypropylene, promoting sustainability while ensuring durability.
  • Generous Capacity: With a 12-liter internal capacity, it accommodates substantial amounts of soil, water, or plant material.
  • Dimensions: 31 in. L x 16 in. W x 2 in. H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Yunyan Hu (Gaston, US)
best growing tray i ever had

best growing tray i ever had will buy more

Mr.SniT (Aptos, US)
Maxi helps me chase my garden fantasies

I'm the fool who thinks he's going to grow large Italian Marconi peppers along the central coast of California, a scant 150 meters from the Pacific Ocean.

We're not a Mediterranean climate to say the least, and I'm running out of growing season each year because it takes far too long to get peppers like these to sprout and start in the foggy micro climate of coastal Cali.

So, we headed indoors to do another thing in gardening I said I'd never do: seed and start vegetable plants INDOORS. The session provided robust seedlings and fast growth, the two things I needed most.

I was aware that a key element of any indoor grow area is a well placed pan to catch spills, splashes and leaves from getting all over your grow space.

I was able to quickly locate Greenhouse Megastore online and found Maxi's pan to be affordable, capable and totally perfect for my needs, with a wealth of sizes for any home indoor grow.

Maxi's pan fit like a glove in the space I'm using, with a well-built outer edge that is not too short, and not too tall. I also like the way I can easily slide my seeder and starter trays on the super-smooth tray surface. I can also write notations on that same surface with a grease pencil.

This has been my first experience with Maxi and Greenhouse Megastore and I'm already planning another indoor space; you can bet I will be using Greenhouse and Maxi Garden again.

Legacy Review
Terrific tray

This tray is a great size and sturdy enough to last several years. Its shape makes it easy to clean and it works exceptionally well in my greenhouse.

Legacy Review
Review based on GHMS's outstanding customer service

Got several of these for my 5-star Proptek 26x13 trays, but all of them damaged/shattered during shipping. GreenHouseMegaStore customer service resolved the problem quickly and to my complete satisfaction. Not a fan of these trays if they can be damaged so severely just in shipping, so won't purchase them again, but a huge fan of GreenHouseMegaStore and their commitment to customer satisfaction

Christopher Behrens
Looks sturdy

I have yet to really use them, but they look like they will do the trick. The lip around the edge and the way they have supports molded in under the lip prevent them from being overlapped to save space when sitting next to each other. So there is at least an inch wasted space between trays. On a heat mat, this is precious real estate to go unused.

Legacy Review
good solid trays

these are good solid trays that don't buckle with weight in them.

Legacy Review
Maxie Tray

I ordered 4 of these Maxie Trays to use under each of my 162 cell Proptek Propagation Trays. I can't believe how well made and durable they are and work perfect under the trays. Now I can water my seedlings from the bottom with no trouble. I am so happy I purchased them. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore !

Legacy Review
Maxi Garden Tray

Heavy duty, quality tray that will last for many years. We use these trays as starter plant trays and for water trays to hold multiple plants. and keep them moist during the hot summer months. They look great filled with plants between large pots.

Legacy Review

Excellent for small greenhouse. Able to spread plants out.

Legacy Review
Strong and durable

I absolutely love these trays for carrying Flats. 1020 flats fit nicely on them and because they're so sturdy I don't have to worry about dropping them.