Soil Moist 3 oz. Bag Plant Thrive

Soil Moist 3 oz. Bag Plant Thrive


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Improve Plant Establishment with Plant Thrive

Plant Thrive is a microbial based formulation that improves soil conditions for plant growth and improves plant establishment. Plant Thrive is for all plants, flowers, vegetables and trees. It can be applied as a soil amendment when planting or as a drench and a foliar spray. There are 18 strains of highly active beneficial bacteria with four strains of fungi. Each ingredient in the formula was chosen based on the benefit it affords the plant as well as the synergies it affords the system as a whole.

  • Improves plant establishment
  • Improves soil conditions for plant growth
  • Naturally occurring bacteria
  • For all plants, flowers, vegetables, and trees
  • Easy to apply, measuring scoop is included

Additional Information



Planting, Gardening, and Transplanting: Plant Thrive can be applied directly to the soil when planting. For plants up to 8", place 1/2 of a scoop throughout the planting hole. Place plant, cover with soil and water. If planting bare root material, sprinkle water on the roots, lightly dust them with Plant Thrive before planting.

Pot Size Amount
4 - 8" 1/2 scoop
1-2 gallons 1 scoop
3-4 gallons 2 scoops
5-10 gallons 3 scoops

Soil Drench: Mix 1/2 to 3/4 of a scoop of product per gallon of water. Make sure the product is throughly mixed with no sediment on the bottom.

Pot Size Amount of Solution Pot/Tree Height Amount of Solution
5-8" Up to 16 ounces 5-10 gallons 3-4 quarts
1-2 gallons 1 quart Up to 3' tall 1-2 quarts
3-4 gallons 2 quarts Up to 6' tall 3-4 quarts

Allow the solution to soak for 10 minutes if treating plants/trees prior to planting. Do not store any finished solution, apply on other plants.

Foliar Spray: Mix Plant Thrive at the same rates as above. Thoroughly spray the leaves.

Note: Plant Thrive can be applied on a bi-weekly basis as a drench and/or as a foliar spray. If insecticides or fungicides are applied, do not apply Plant Thrive for 5-7 days. Plant Thrive can be mixed with fertilizers or other plant food. For hydroponic applications or treating unrooted cuttings use E-Z Root.

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