Solexx XP 3.5mm Twinwall Plastic Panels - per linear foot
Solexx XP 3.5mm Twinwall Plastic Panels - per linear foot
Solexx XP 3.5mm Twinwall Plastic Panels - per linear foot
Solexx XP 3.5mm Twinwall Plastic Panels - per linear foot

Solexx XP 3.5mm Twinwall Plastic Panels - per linear foot


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This item is only available in lengths of 25 ft. to 900 ft.

Solexx XP twinwall plastic panels are 3.5mm thick and made of high density polyethylene infused with UV inhibitors for a warrantied life of at least 10 years. Solexx panels provide a soft, diffused light allowing 70-75% of the natural light to pass through for optimal growing conditions. Best of all, these panels can be rolled up and shipped via small parcel service! Avoid high shipping and crating charges! Perfect for greenhouses, patios, architectural applications or anywhere rigid covering with a high light transmission is needed.


4'1" wide x 25' to 900' long - Set length by changing your quantity

Framing Information

Solexx was designed to go directly against the framing and is not harmed by being in direct contact with the frame. This is true for PVC, wood or metal frames.

Recommended Framing for Solexx Panels:
The 49.5" wide panels are designed to go on structures that are 16", 24" or 48" on center. We also recommend no more than a 4' x 4' or 2' x 8' area of the paneling goes unsupported.

Additional Information


Solexx Installation Guide (PDF)

Solexx Technical Guide (PDF)


10 Year Limited Warranty on Solexx Panels (PDF)

Shipping Information

Solexx material is flexible enough to ship via Standard Ground Service.
Rolled material can be shipped via Standard Ground Service:

  • In lengths up to 150' for 3.5mm panels
  • In lengths up to 110' for 5mm panels
  • Call for quote on larger order quantities (1-888-281-9337)

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Customer Reviews

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Legacy Review
inexpensive to ship

I installed this product on an attached greenhouse roof to our house that is a little bigger than 12' x 60'. I installed it a little over two years ago. I should have overlapped the product as the manufacturer recommended, since I used it on my roof instead of using the h channel. It leaks a little bit. The product itself is durable and relatively easy to work with. The shipping of this product is much less expensive then sheet polycarbonite. Most plants love the diffused light!

Legacy Review
Solexx Beginner

Our back room with a southerly exposure needed new siding. Instead of using something conventional, we opted for Solexx. After tearing out the fiberglass insulation and reframing the room, Solexx was an easy install. When sunshine strikes the outside, the entire panel glows emitting very pleasant light. We plan to expand on this project and will continue to use Solexx.

Legacy Review
Great product

Easy to cut to size and install.

Daniel Giem
Home Greenhouse.

I understand there is a 10 year warantee on the Solexx. I bought some about a year ago and so far I am well pleased. What I have purchased recently will finish my project.

Fit my repair needs

I've now used both the precut pieces and the Solexx roll to repair an existing hobby greenhouse. I was hesitant at first because I knew I would have to custom-cut every piece. What a relief when I found the material can truly be cut with a utility knife. The original panel material on my greenhouse quickly degraded from UV ray exposure. This new material is clearly of better quality and I have high hopes of using my refurbished greenhouse for years to come.

Legacy Review
best solution for us

I needed partial covering for a wood framed glass greenhouse and wanted something neater and more durable than plastic sheeting, but less expensive than my first choice of clear twinwall. Solexx's flexible product by-the-foot was perfect solution. Fairly easy to cut and install even in triangular pieces. Worst part is sealing the open edges. Installation was a 2-person job for us due to height/shape of greenhouse, but went fast. Seems very sturdy, unlikely that raccoons will tear through it. I would buy this product again.

Legacy Review
Solex Rocks

Great product to work with. It is easy to cut and bend into place. The product does expand when it warms so your design must take that into consideration. Overall 5 stars and I would gladly recover my whole greenhouse in it.

Legacy Review
Quality Product

I am building my first greenhouse in the back yard. I had read about Solexx and it seemed like the right choice.The greenhouse has a wooden, four foot base and carries upward with conduit hoops.The Solexx was very easy to handle and cut even though I was doing all the work myself. I used titanium edge razor blades for all of the cutting and they kept a sharp edge. I'm very happy with my choice of the 5 mil Solexx.

Legacy Review
User Friendly Product.

Very impressed with the quality of the Solexx. It's easy to cut to fit and adheres to silicon glue for extra holding onto a frame, even PVC. One thing that would be better is to specify if the product is mailed as one roll or sections of a specified length.

Legacy Review
Sundar Dev

Great stuff! Easy to work with, but be very careful of mistakes and don't forget to put silicon on the edge to help with insulation. It's terribly expensive but it's a lot better than plastic sheeting. I gave 4 stars only because of the price. Great product!