Wetsel Seed™ Urban Garden Patio Choice Yellow Tomato Seed
Wetsel Seed™ Urban Garden Patio Choice Yellow Tomato Seed

Wetsel Seed™ Urban Garden Patio Choice Yellow Tomato Seed


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Patio Choice Yellow is a new compact, determinate tomato developed specifically for small spaces and container gardens. This 2017 AAS Winner produces very large yields of 1/2 ounce bright yellow cherry tomatoes on short vines that grow only 18 inches tall.

This mild-flavored cherry tomato seed pack sets over 100 fruit on compact plants that are perfect for urban or small-space food gardeners. With just a few pots or trays, you can easily grow a patio tomato garden.

Please review the back of the seed packet or the instructions below to improve your tomato growth. Interested in growing other fruits, vegetables and flowers? Explore other seeds perfect for small gardens with our Greenhouse Megastore seed collection.

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Container Size: 8-10 in..

Planting Information:

When and Where to Plant: For an early crop we suggest planting seeds indoors in pots or flats five to seven weeks before planting outdoors. Place your tomato plants in a sunny location, keeping the soil moist and warm.

Transplant outdoors when 5-10 in./13-25 cm. tall after the danger of frost is passed.

For later crops sow sparingly directly into the garden, in a sunny location, after the weather and soil are warm.

Cultivate, apply vegetable food and firm overseed.

Care: Stake or cage to save space. Water deeply when dry and feed monthly.
Harvesting: Pick gently when the color is fully developed.

Seed Variety: Tomato, Patio Choice Yellow
Germination Time: 8 - 14 Days (Indoors), 14 - 18 Days (Outdoors)
Days to Maturity: 65 - 80 Days (Indoor), 95 - 120 Days (Outdoors)
Planting Depth: 1/4 in. (Indoor), 1/2 in. (Outdoors)
Seed Spacing: 1/2 in. (Indoor), 6 in. (Outdoors)
Spacing Between Rows: 2 in. - 3 in. (Indoor), 3ft - 4ft (Outdoors)
Space After Thinning: 3 in. (Indoor), 24 in. - 48 in. (Outdoors)
Light Requirements: Full Sun

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Customer Reviews

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S.M. (Lyndhurst, US)
Grew this in 2023 it was highly prolific, growing it again now in 2024.

These are a 'yes' for me. I grew these in 2023 in a raised bed. They produced like crazy and the plant sprawled a bit, was not huge and not small. One single plant pumped out tons of tasty yellow cherry tomatoes of a largish size from mid summer into the fall. I didn't stake the plant, I ran out of stakes so I let it sprawl. Even when late season blight inevitably hit all the varieties of tomatoes I grew including this one, this plant still continued to pump out more tomatoes. I'm growing these Patio tomatoes again this year 2024, and also giving away seedlings to family members as well.

Gerard Ziegler
Excellent choice for a smaller space

Controlled semi-determinate plants produced lots of delicious yellow fruits that averaged 1/2 oz. each and had very good crack resistance and holding ability on the plant. This was the first variety I picked the past 2 years and production continued until frost. Flavor was excellent and very similar to Lemon Boy, one of my favorite yellows.