Proptek Propagation Trays

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The Proptek 26" x 13" Propagation Tray is an injection-molded plastic tray which is great for growing a variety of vegetables and fruits. The injection-molded design offers long life and repeated use, while the three different cell offerings allow you to choose your desired plant density. The
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The Proptek 26" x 13" Propagation Tray is an injection-molded plastic tray which is great for growing a variety of vegetables and fruits. The injection-molded design offers long life and repeated use, while the three different cell offerings allow you to choose your desired plant density.

The Proptek Tray features strong corners and rounded edges for ease of use, while the recessed handles make the tray easy and comfortable to lift. This propagation tray also has internal vertical root-training ribs which help guide your plants' roots down towards the drain hole, creating a vertical chimney that aids in drainage and aeration of the root ball.

Designed for T-rail benching, the Proptek Propagation Tray is 13" W x 26" L, and comes in 162, 242, and 338 cell options.


DescriptionConfigurationDrain Hole DiameterCell DepthCell TopMax Cell VolumePlant Density
162 Cell9 x 180.43"2.32"1.34"2.40 cu. in.66.1 pl/ft2
242 cell11 x 220.41"2.36"1.18"1.89 cu. in.98.96 pl/ft2
338 cell13 x 26N/A2.36"0.98"1.3 cu. in.137 pl/ft2

Growing Recommendations

Cell NumberBest ForAlso Works For
162Fresh market tomatoes, watermelonPeppers, lettuce
242Fresh market tomatoesMelons, peppers, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, celery
338Processing tomatoes, peppers, celery, cauliflower, brussels sproutsFresh market tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage
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Reviews (17)
  • Durable, worth the investment
    I searched everywhere for Proptek brand specifically because I had trays from them that were at least 5 years old. I contacted the manufacturer and sent me to GHMS. I didn't hesitate to buy 2 - 10 packs of two different sizes. its been 1.5 years later and they look like new! These trays are meant to take a beating, slamming, withstand the elements and everything in between. LOVE my trays, I'm a small farmer, but considering to buy more. :)
  • Outstanding seed and propegation tray
    Tough, investment-worthy, and made to last, worth every penny of my gardening budget, especially if I need a lot of them with GHMS's current volume discount on 10 or more.
  • A really heavy duty tray
    This propagation tray will last for many seasons. I am very happy with this purchase.
  • Excellent trays for seed starting
    I found these trays at a trade show three years ago and was only able to get one, but it allowed me to find them at the Greenhouse Megastore this past spring and order 10 more to fill out my native plant obsession. They are easy to fill, transport and clean. And I they are heavy enough to last many years. I am really happy with them
  • proptek trays
    I enjoy using this product.
  • Proptek Trays
    These are first class in quality. Buy one time and use them from now on. Started all my spring transplants this year. Very happy with this product.
  • Worth the Cost
    Having searched for more durable trays and not needing hundreds or thousands, I jumped at the chance to pick up 10 while they were on sale. The trays are fantastic! I'm able to start more seeds in the same amount of space without secondary trays to support the inserts, and the plants slide out easily. The pyramidal cell shape promotes great root structure and so far the plants I've started are as strong as I can remember.
  • Best I have found
    Really like these trays. So easy to use and plants respond well. They will last me my lifetime. A little on the expensive side but I like quality stuff. And the quality of these will be remembered long after I forget the price.
  • The best trays for growing your plants
    I purchased these from another vendor at a much higher price. These are worth every penny. After years of buying trays year after year, only to replace them, this is the ticket. Forget those flimsy big box store trays. Plants grow a much stronger and vigorous root system than any other tray I have used. If you grow your own plants, this is the way to go. Once you are done growing simply hose them off and store them. These are bullet proof.. The 338 tray are perfect for onions and shallots. Glad to see that you carry these trays
  • Top Quality
    These trays are the best I have ever seen or used ! Very well made and strong !
  • 336 cell
    The depth is wrong on the spec. I just measured my 336 cell Proptek and the depth measured is 2.5". This thing is a beast.
  • Excellent trays
    Great trays, use them for a CSA farm. 338 is the most versatile. Use 450 for lettuce, 162 for squash, everything else in 338. Been 5 years and trays are fine. You will get much better transplants if you air prune. We overhead water with automatic sprinklers and made cheap seedling tables from hog fence panels & 2x4s.
  • Best Trays Ever
    I have to say these are the best seed starting trays I have ever bought! I bought 3 of the 338 cell trays first because they were out of all the other trays and I have to say I think it will be the best jack-of-all-trades tray and super sturdy i'd even go so far as to say I do not think I can accidentally break one!. The diameter of the holes is small but runs very deep about to my second knuckle. I loved the 338 trays so much I bought 3 of the 162 cell trays as soon as they came back into stock. The trays were also heavy duty but feel lighter and I doubt they would take the abuse that the 338 cell trays would but they are still head and shoulders above anything I've ever seen at Wal-Mart, tractor supply, or any other similar store. The cells in the 162 tray run about as deep as the 338 tray does but taper off more like a triangle however The 338 tray also tapers but would look more plug like than pyramid. The 162 cell would hold more soil than the 338 tray but when growing tomatoes, peppers, greens, or a brassica i am not sure wasting more space and potting soil with the 162 cell tray will give any better results i am very temped to plant out both trays with some roma tomatoes and grow them out to compare them. I also bought some of the maxi trays to go under these trays so I can bottom water them and it works great!
  • Love it!
    I could run over with my car and not hurt it.
  • Updated review
    I wanted to update my review, now that I have gotten to use these trays from seeding to transplanting. First, as to the durability--I accidentally drove over one with my truck. No damage whatsoever.I was finally able to transplant plants I started in these trays. Corn, as it were. they were 5-6 inches tall and, while the roots filled the entire cell, they were not winding around. They were vertical and coming the bottom a smidge.I made planting holes with a dibber fashioned from a length of 2x2. then, I walked down the row, carrying the tray vertically. I'd grab a plant at the base and gently pull it out (no need to push from the bottom which was nice) and I leaned on the tray as I bent down a bit to pop the plug in the hole. That easy. Not much bending. I could carry 200 plants into the field at once. I could remove them with one hand. I didn't have little pots and crap to carry back out of the field.These are a delight!
  • Sturdy
    Ive been looking for a sturdy reusable tray for quite a while. I knew of Proptek, but couldn't find a retailer. I was thrilled to find them here.I just received them so haven't used them except to demonstrate to my wife how sturdy they are by standing on one with boots on. These are quite a bit pricier than other trays you can find out there, but I believe they will be a better value in the long run. I have the 242's and came back today to buy the 164(or whatever GMS stocks) however, I'm not sure there's enough of a size difference for it to really matter. We'll see how the 242's work.If this review isn't updated, then I am as happy as I believe I will be with these.
  • Heavy Duty
    I just received my trays last night. I ordered one of each size and 3 garden trays to go under them. When I first saw the box, I figured everything inside was broken. I even took pictures before opening it. Every corner of the shipping box was beat in, one side was half way open due to damage. I wish I could show the pictures here. After inspecting the trays, all 6 items, I found only one tiny chip on one tray. I was very impressed. I would order this again.