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Hydroponic growing is the future, and the future is here. Hydroponics gardening offers numerous benefits over traditional growing including: control over pH and nutrient balances, a reduced amount of pests and diseases and reduced water and nutrient waste. Greenhouse Megastore's hydroponic systems allow a beginner or commercial grower to start growing hydroponically quickly.

Greenhouse Megastore also offers a complete line of hydroponics supplies and hydroponics equipment, from hydroponic nutrients to hydroponics kits and grow lighting plus much, much more!

Shop from our newly revamped line of hydroponics supplies and be a pioneer in an emerging industry. Let us make your hydroponic growing setup easy and productive!

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Waterproof PH Tester
Item No. MD-PH1
pH Control Kit
Item No. HP-PHCK
pH Test Kit
Item No. HP-PHTK
pH up
From:  $10.00 View details
pH down
From:  $10.00 View details
Pure Blend Pro Gro
Item No. HP-NSPG
From:  $35.95 View details
Soluble Trio Pack
Item No. HP-NSFX-45
Grodan Delta Mini Block
Item No. HP-GMMM
From:  $14.00 View details
NFT System
Item No. HP-CKNF
From:  $576.00 View details
MicroGreen Rack
Item No. HP-CKMG
Fertroller System
Item No. HP-CKFS
FodderKing 6-24
Item No. HP-CKFK
From:  $1,095.00 View details
From:  $799.00 View details
Aquaculture System
Item No. HP-CKAQ-300
Aquaponic System
Item No. HP-CKAP
Economy Flood Tables
Item No. HP-AEFT
From:  $49.50 View details
Acive Aqua Reservoirs
Item No. HP-AARS
From:  $32.00 View details
From:  $60.00 View details