Greenhouses can do a lot to keep your plants warm, but your garden may need something more for extreme temperature drops. Maintain heat even in the dead of winter with easy-to-install greenhouse heaters from Greenhouse Megastore.

      We have a wide selection of heaters to choose from, including electric heaters, natural gas heaters, propane heaters and more. Need to narrow your search? Use our filter menus to search by heater type, fuel source and even shipping method. We also sell complete heaters, heater parts and heater installation brackets for installation in greenhouses, garages, sheds and other garden locations.

      If you need help keeping your plants warm when it's freezing cold, we hope you'll shop with us here at Greenhouse Megastore for your greenhouse and garden heater needs.

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      Commercial Greenhouse Heaters

      When the temperatures fall outside your growing facility, a greenhouse heater will keep plants warm. Our complete line of heaters is cross-compatible with a variety of heating applications, including greenhouse heating, warehouse heating, garage heating and everything in between. Choose from an electric, natural gas or propane greenhouse heater in a multitude of sizes when you shop at Greenhouse Megastore.

      Heating a Greenhouse with Premium Heaters

      Just like humans, plants need to be at the optimal temperature to reach their potential. Our greenhouse heating solutions provide the heat your plants need during extreme conditions. Our large selection of heaters are available in configurations to fit any growing structure.

      We have single-stage heaters and two-stage heaters from leading manufacturers like Modine and Phoenix. Forced-air heaters are the most common design, but you can also get separated combustion heaters, infrared heaters and blower heaters. Most plant heaters qualify for free freight or ground shipping almost anywhere in the U.S., but to see if you qualify review our Shipping Policy.

      Efficient and Reliable Heaters

      These heaters are made of durable materials and have options for several different fuel sources depending on what's best for your situation. You can even get steam heaters to increase the humidity inside your greenhouse.

      In addition to our large selection of greenhouse heaters, we stock a variety of heaters for your garage, deck and more. Whether you need a small greenhouse heater for personal use, a giant heater to use in educational structures or a portable heater to provide localized warmth, Greenhouse Megastore has the right product.

      Click on a heater to learn more about its specifications and what types of areas it's meant to heat. Videos are available for most products so you can see how they work. We provide industry-leading knowledge and the best prices on greenhouse heaters.

      Greenhouse and Garage Heater Install Parts

      Once you've found the right heater to keep your plants and equipment warm, you'll need the right parts and accessories to get it running. Greenhouse Megastore has everything required to install a gas heater, including heater installation brackets. Get parts that fit specific heater brands such as Modine and Solaria or shop for universal propane heater parts that make setup a breeze.

      Electric and Gas Heater Accessories

      Use our greenhouse heater parts for initial heater installations and to fix issues with your existing heater.

      Browse our collection of hanging garage heater mounting kits. We have wall and ceiling brackets that save floor space, let the heater work more efficiently and are designed to support the heater's weight. Gas heaters also require good venting, so pick up a heater vent kit that removes harmful fumes and circulates fresh air.

      We have many other heating parts in stock, including voltage controllers, air deflector hoods, gas connectors, aluminum sealing tape and even replacement heater elements. Adding a summer-winter heating switch is another cool way to upgrade your system. It changes how the heater and fan function based on the season for the most efficient, comfortable operation.

      Heater Support from Greenhouse Megastore

      If you're not sure how to install a gas heater or need assistance choosing parts, call us Monday to Friday at 1-888-281-9337. We provide total product support so your greenhouse or garage gas heater installation goes smoothly. With our Price Match Policy Guarantee, one-year warranty and free shipping on qualifying orders, you also get the best value whenever you shop with us here at Greenhouse Megastore.