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Our complete line of heaters are cross-compatible for a variety of heating applications, from greenhouse heating to warehouse and garage heating and everything in between. Choose from natural gas, propane, or electric heaters in a multitude of sizes. During extreme temperatures provide the heating that your plants need with our greenhouse heating solutions. In addition to our large selection of greenhouse heaters, we stock a variety of heaters for your garage, deck and more.

Depending on your greenhouse's covering material and size you may need a more powerful greenhouse heating solution than you may think. To be certain, use our BTU calculator or call an experienced member of our Sales Team to size your heating requirements. Greenhouse Megastore is sure to have the heater you want at a price you can afford!

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Gas Ball Valve, 1/2"
Item No. HT-PT-GV12
Gas Connector, 1/2" x 24"
Item No. HT-PT-CON
Modine POR100 Oil Unit Heater
Item No. POR100-01-01
TLP200 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-200
From:  $1,499.00 View details
IPT175 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-175
From:  $1,559.00 View details
IPT150 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-150
From:  $1,559.00 View details
IPT125 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-125
From:  $1,466.00 View details
IPT100 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-100
From:  $1,247.00 View details
IPT075 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-075
From:  $1,247.00 View details
IPT050 Infrared Heater
Item No. TLP-050
From:  $1,086.00 View details
From:  $2,086.00 View details
Modine POR185 Oil Unit Heater
Item No. POR185-01-01
Modine POR145 Oil Unit Heater
Item No. POR145-01-01
From:  $1,952.00 View details
From:  $1,826.00 View details