1020 Daisy Trays

Web Trays create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants. Standard weight injection-molded web flat with no center or side ribs - 10-1/2" x 20-7/8" flats Designed to provide additional support and stability when combined with 1020 Trays for transportation of plants. ( Please note -
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  • Web Trays create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants. Standard weight injection-molded web flat with no center or side ribs - 10-1/2" x 20-7/8" flats
  • Designed to provide additional support and stability when combined with 1020 Trays for transportation of plants. (Please note - Daisy Trays are not designed to fit inside 1020 Trays)
  • Used with Traditional Inserts to create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants.
  • Standard Color: Black.

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Reviews (99)
  • Daisy trays
    Quality is very poor!!! Very disappointed with the quality of this order. Have ordered these the last two years. They were sturdy and well made. This year the plastic had not been extruded in the mold properly so they are rough and misshapen. Would not order again.
  • 1020 Daisy Trays
    Few came broken in the box. They don't fit inside the Mega Heavy Duty trays I also bought. These Daisy trays are fine for light loads. I am waiting for Green House Mega Store to produce sturdy Daisy trays.
  • Sturdy Trays
    I am buying more of these daisy trays as some of my old ones need to be retired. They are sturdy and hold the 4" pots I use perfectly.
  • Flimsy and all of the corners were broken upon receipt
    These are not as good quality as the other things I received in the order. All of them had one corner broken when I received them but the box wasn't damaged so it appears they were shipped damaged. I also bought the 1020 heavy duty no holes trays and these do not fit in them.
  • plastic too thin
    about 30% of these had to be put into a second tray in order to make them functional
  • Doesn't nest inside their 1020s.
    I expected to be able to bottom-water by nesting the 1020 daisy trays into their 1020 heavy-duty trays, but it turns out they did not make them for that. I wish I read the reviews before ordering.
  • Not as good as would like.
    Light weight, don't expect to carry one handed without spilling contents. Would like a heavier plastic so it can do double duty harvesting in my garden as well as carrying pots out without using another tray under for support.
  • would buy again
    works great
  • I need to pay more attention
    I thought I was purchasing flats for seeding, not for flats for holding. I just use newspaper on the bottom and the sides. That works fine.
  • A great help
    Nice product. Should have started using these years ago. Use with 1020 and 1010 trays. Helps protect the trays and repositioning and carrying seedlings is so much easier now. Will definitely buy again when (if) these wear out.
  • Great trays
    I use these trays for my small nursery. They are very strong to carry about 18 small garden pots. Ease of carrying.
  • Good sturdy trays
    Great trays to give strength to your seedling trays and avoid accidental spillage of small pots. Had to get more, as starts seems to multiply after germination. Good trays, will use again
  • Too flimsy
    I have never seen plant trays so weak before. These are strong enough only for very small pots. Trying to use them to help carry even a few 5 or 6 inch diameter pots will cause them to buckle, and even break. They have to be doubled up to serve that purpose, doubling the cost per tray.
  • Great quality
    Product is flexible yet is plenty strong to hold up heavy plants. I did not have a single one break this growing season and I will gladly purchase more next year!
  • Great product
    Gives great support under growing trays! Would highly recommend.
  • Pretty sturdy
    Work great with 50 deep cell trays and 3.5" deep pots. I expect these will survive several years
  • Cheap and doesnt fit 10x20's
    I have other brands that are much more rigid and work perfectly with every kind of 10x20 I own. Their own 10x20s dont nest inside these well as their 10x20's are smaller than standard. My super spouter heavy duty 10x20s fit perfectly in my daisy trays but dont fit in these at all. Super flimsy as well. Take your money elswhere
  • Disappointing quality, OK design
    I saw the video on the site and thought these would be strong supports for 1020 trays. They're OK, but not very good. They add some strength, but not as much as you'd guess. They're thin and flimsy. It's not out of line considering the cost, but if I you saw them in person you'd be unimpressed with them. They're not very strong, the flex a lot, and they workmanship is poor with a lot of rough edges and plastic that leaked out of the mold. It's much lower quality plastic than anything you'll see at walmart or target for any purpose. If you fill them with pots, your tray will flex less, but you won't be able to carry it from the side. You'll still need 2 hands underneath. I was expecting rigid plastic like you see in a milk carton. This isn't even as strong as the cheap plastic bins at target. it's more like the dollar store offbrand plastic bins. So yeah...they're "OK" They help. They're priced fairly...but you're definitely getting what you paid for and nothing more.
  • Daisy Tray
    Perfect and at great prices.
  • Steve
    Got daisy trays for bottom watering will not fit inside 1020 trays only good for support on a very flimsy 1020 tray
  • Protects my 1020 trays
    These daisy trays help protect my 1020 trays from developing holes when I carelessly slide and shift on concrete or other rough surfaces. I love them.
  • 1020 Daisy Trays, Hobby Pack of 10
    These are what I was looking for. I need trays that can carry 3 planters outside and back inside each day for my starter vegetables. They are a little light, but it seems they will do what I need if I double them up.
  • Great for starting seeds upside down
    I use these tray to help my seedlings get a start. It keeps the cats from digging in the fresh soil. I cover them until they can grow just a bit. Allows the sun and water through. You can prop them up to help protect them even longer.
  • 1020 flats
    Great product,big,strong and just what I needed and expected
  • exactly what I needed
    I was wanting something that I could use to keep my strawberries/plants off the ground. These were exactly what I needed. Will definitely be buying more of these as my patch grows.
  • Owner of a small greenhouse
    Came on time in very good condition!
  • Great price
    I teach a course Starting Plants from Seed. Greenhouse Megastore pricing has allowed me to offer this course for $10.00
  • trays
    They are for next springs use. They will be great
  • Happy with my purchased
    Well made, strong trays. Better than I expected. Thank you for fast s&h.
  • Great 1020 tray
    I have been looking for a 1020 tray that is durable and allows good drainage. This tray is better than I excepted considering it is a web design. From now on I will be only using these trays.
  • damaged
    Trays were just as described the only problem was that 100 trays were packed into ONE BIG BOX and because of the size and weight of the box it was not handled properly by either UPS or Greenhouse megastore as a result 27 of the trays were damaged (broken or cracked) I believe that they should of been packed 50 to a box thus helping to eliminate damage
  • Ms.
    When I ordered in the past there was an option for a heavy duty version. These trays are strong but wonder why that option is not there any more.Great product.
  • Not great quality
    They seem to have gotten much flimsier than our last order. Many of them broke as I picked up the trays filled with pots.
  • Trays were cracked
    Trays came cracked on one corner, still usable but won't Ben buying from here anymore
  • Great tray
    Great tray for the price and works great for the 606 containers.
  • pots
    Came super fast. Just what I ordered.
  • Daisy Trays
    Good price. Sturdy tray. 1020 tray fits in it.
  • great product
    great quality and fast shipping!
  • great
    For the price these are quality trays. I use them for my soil blocks.
  • Daisy trays
    A little flimsy for my potted plants.
  • A bit light weight
    After I bought and used my first 50 trays I was mainly satisfied with the trays, but wish they were a bit heavier. When I filled the trays with plants in larger pots, the trays would bend out and wouldn't stay rigid. I'd pay more for a tray which was stronger.
  • what I expected
    just as expected
  • good
    For the price this seems like a good product. I will be using these to hold my soil blocks
  • Daisy trays
    arrived promptly and in great shape . Thx
  • 1020 Daisy Trays
    Product is as advertised and holds the filled deep insert cells and allows me to carry and move them about the greenhouse.
  • Great product
    Great price and product. Quick shipped. Recommended vendor.
  • good stuff
    Great prices, great product, and rapid shipping what more could you ask for.
  • Great Product
    This was exactly was I was hoping for. Great product! And even better, great price!
  • Sgen5
    Love the daisy trays. I use them to set plants in my watering table. Makes it so much easier.
  • Millers Goats& Gardens
    Very sturdy flats hold plants great. Good drainage. Would never buy anything else.
  • Very Pleased
    I am so pleased with the Daisy 1020 flats. They are sturdy, and will fit in the solid 1020 flats for ease of bottom watering or soaking the planting medium in the packs. Great Product. Great Service, and fast shipping!
  • Daisy Trays
    They are just to flimsy. Most are coming apart at the corners and breaking from simple handling .
  • 1020 trays
    The product is one that I'm familiar with, so it's what I expected.Unfortunately the packaging wasn't sufficient so 10% were broken on arrival. In the boxes of 100 there was no cushioning under the trays so the bottom ones were broken in both my shipments.Otherwise service and shipping was great.
  • Great Company and Product
    I really love the 1020 Daisy trays. They were just the ticket for my huge airplant/seashell project. The airplants fit so nice in the trays. The holes are small and the airplants don't fall through. The trays are very durable and work great for carrying them from place to place. Thanks for a good product.
  • 1020 daisy trays
    Received the trays and they work good except for the ones that were messed up when made. On about 1/4 of them the back lip was messed up in production. The 6 pack inserts I ordered for them were messed up as well. I get about half way into them and I notice the 6 packs were either messed up in production and or were melted in shipping.
  • daisy trays
    I am very please with the strength of the daisy trays. They should last several seasons (used for cold stratification of native plant seeds). I will order these again when necessary.
  • Wish We Had More
    We recently started a green house project for our clients to use and the trays have been extremely useful. We have small newspaper seed pods that are kept in them. It makes it very easy to move the seedlings to where they are needed. Thanks.
  • 1020 Daisy Trays
    They look like exactly what I wanted, but haven't used them yet. We start planting in FL next month,so I'm looking forward to using them!
  • Maggie
    These trays were of the quality I expected and were great to use. The order was shipped in two boxes, but there were still broken corners in the bottom 3 trays. Perhaps use packing material under the trays to avoid breakage. Thank you.
  • Iowana Farmer
    Rugged, well ventilated. Only complaint is that 2 out of 50 had manufacturing defect that made the unusable.
  • Excellent Quality
    Everything that I wanted in a plastic tray.
  • daisy trays
    I am very happy with the 6 pack inserts. Perfect for peppers, tomatoes, ect. Also very sturdy. I have purchased from other companies in the past and found the containers very flimsy. These are great!
  • Linda
    These daisy trays do not fit into the standard 1020 plastic seedling trays! The daisy trays have to each be cut on the sides in order for the bottom to dome into contact with the bottom of the holding tray....
  • daisy trays
    everything as i expectedthanks and a great pricesuggextion: box corner supports for the trays and inserts. Had several of each on the bottom either broken or squished. they are still usable. again thanks and I will order from you again.
  • Just what I needed
    Just what I needed and got here quick.
  • good product
    the trays are very good, but whenn i received them the bottom 5-7 on each stack where busted on the corners from the shipment
  • great!
    just perfect for what I needed it! the size of the trays is great and the quality is more of what I was expecting
  • Quality items
    Quality of trays and pots were great and the shipping time was quick! Thank you!Will buy from you again.
  • Sturdy Wonders
    I was skeptical at first that these would not be as sturdy as the more solid trays. Also I was worried they would not slide on the open grate tables. But they are wonderful. I can carry four at once and they slide just fine one most surfaces.
  • Great Product
    This was my first order of the 1020 Daisy Web Trays, they work perfect for housing our tomato plants. We haIve 1200 tomato plants we are going to give away at a trade show and needed a way to carry them during the growing season and during the transport to the tradeshow. Perfect sturdy tray with holes in the bottom so water can flow through.
  • Great
    Great product. Sturdy, well made.
  • 1020 daisy web trays
    sturdy and work great...great price as well...A+++
  • Good Value
    I have been maintaining a small greenhouse, 8X16' for the past 7 years now and this is the first time I have ordered my seed-starting supplies from an internet company. I previously purchased from my local garden center. I was so very pleased to find the quality much better and the prices outstanding with Greenhouse Megastore!! I would not hesitate to order from them again and I urge all you other fellow greenhousers to do the same. Great selection, great prices, great quality and quick delivery.....what more could anyone ask for?
  • Charles
    Very light yet durable ,excellent for managing small pots , six packs etc.
  • mefarmer
    These are sturdy trays at a very reasonable price. I wish a similar tray was offered with completely solid sides, however.
  • 1020 Daisy trays,and inserts.
    Your people are very nice to work with, and my order was even better then i thought it was going to be.Just waiting for planting time. I will order from you again. Thank you
  • Grower
    Great product for the money!
  • Daisy Trays
    I was skeptical at first about purchasing these. I have seen other mesh type trays that have no strength. These have proven to be very sturdy when they are filled.
  • products
    The daisy trays, Standard No Hole Trays and Inserts are all of excellent quality.
  • Just what I needed.
    I was so happy to find these for my home garden. I have started seeds inside and needed transplant them and to move them out to the cold frame. I have started extra to share with the food pantry and friends who need to help supplement their groceries. Thank you for offering the webbed trays. I like them best in the cold frame.
  • customer
    They are perfect, sturdy, the right size for my project.
  • Great Service
    Trays were the perfect strength and are a very good value. Service was excellent with shipment arriving as expected. Thanks
  • Great value
    I used these for my 3.25 square pots and they work great (I can fit 18). Very sturdy...much less fragile than the pocket trays.
  • sturdy trays perfict fit for 1020 pots
    quality construction
  • Exactly what I needed
    I ordered these to hold soil blocks when starting seeds. They are, of course, a little bit lighter weight than I would like but they are as good quality as I have been able to find anywhere - and the price is great. They shipped quickly too.
  • Nice trays for the money
    We use them in our nursery. Usually lasts two seasons or more. Have re-ordered several times.
  • Perfect Transports
    These trays are perfect for moving 1020 trays around the greenhouse or transporting to the farmer's market. Very sturdy.
  • 1020 Daisy Trays
    Just recently purchased 1020 Daisy Trays and finally got to use them last night transplanting flowers. I've purchased Daisy trays in the past from different vendors and so far these are the best. The others kept breaking and these seem more sturdier. Thanks.
  • 1020 daisy trays
    For the price, I wasn't expecting trays this nice.I ordered fifty of them on line and received them in just a few days.no regrets!
  • master gardener
    Perfect size to set the 1020 trays in for more support.
  • web trays
    The web flats are excellent, but they don't fit inside the 1020 flats. Use the market pack trays for that.
  • Good Trays
    Nice trays for the money. You can never have too many of these around the nursery.
  • totally worth them money
    These have served my purpose well. The price is great, and they are essential to our propagation!!! thank you!!!!
  • very useful
    I use these with every 1020 flat cause it supports the plug flats and prevents holes in the 1020 flats, or if used without the 1020s, still supports the plants and prevents the plug flats from cracking.
  • Must have for a greenhouse gardener!
    My husband and I start our vegetables from seeds each season. These trays are the easiest way to carry the inserts and save space in the greenhouse.
  • shipment and quality
    this is the first time ordering from this sight and the quality was great and the shipment was fast and the price was good for this product mike
  • great product
    i just ordered these flats for my small hobby greenhouse. this is a great products and a very good value. the flats reached my house in 2 days. wow! they are very sturdy. i will be getting many more of these great buy!!!!
  • Great value!
    I ordered for the first time last year from Greenhouse Megastore. I found them to have the best value and variety of products and have ordered twice since. The daisy flats are sturdy and reusable, perfect for my small greenhouse!
  • re-usable well made
    very good product. Well made, sturdy and very useful